The PicoConnect900 series of low aggression, high frequency passive probes are designed for microwave and Gigabit Ethernet up to 9GHz and 18Gb/s. They offer unprecedented performance and flexibility at a super low price.

These monitoring probes utilize a unique (patented) in-PCB construction for ultra-low capacitance, co-planar microwave integrity, rugged reliability and a very low price. A range of miniature replaceable passive probe tips covering a wide range of split ratios, bandwidths and coupling types.


Suitable for various instruments:

The PicoConnect900 series passive probes are designed for use with any instrument with a 50Ω input, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, modulation analyzers, and counters, regardless of manufacturer.

Alternative split ratios:

Replaceable probe tips offer 3 split ratios to suit every application. The 5:1 ratio is most attractive and has faster options when probing low swing logic.

Great value for money:

Clipped or soldered at your fingertips, these monitoring probes provide convenient and cost-effective multi-channel probing of microwave and Gigabit Ethernet signals.

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