For heavy-duty, high-performance measurements above 2.5kV, the P6015A is the industry standard. You can measure DC voltages up to 20kVRMS and pulses (peak, 100ms time period) up to 40kV. The 75MHz bandwidth enables you to capture fast high voltage signals. The P6015A uses an environmentally friendly silicone compound dielectric material and does not require refilling. Other features include: 7-49pF compensation range, small compensation box to match adjacent amplifier input, readout option for most Tektronix digital oscilloscopes. By using the readout option, the displayed voltage amplitude value is the actual signal value, not the value scaled by a factor of 1000.


◆High voltage-20kVDC/40kV peak (100ms pulse width); ◆High bandwidth-DC-75MHz; ◆Silicone resin dielectric material;

◆Optional 1000X reading code; ◆Wide compensation range (7-49pF); ◆Heavy duty universal ground wire and alligator clip.


◆Power Design

◆Design motor drive

◆Electronic ballast

◆Power semiconductors

◆Switch control device

◆UPS system

◆Power converter.

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