High voltage differential probes are used to measure the voltage difference between two test points that are not ground. Tektronix' high voltage differential probes are available for signals up to 6000 V. These probes are the best choice for non-ground-referenced, floating, or isolated measurements in larger components due to their common-mode rejection.

The P5210A has the largest differential dynamic range capability, allowing users to safely measure voltages up to ±6000 V. Supplied with hook tips in two sizes, it also features an out-of-range visual audio indicator that warns users when they are outside the linear range of the probe.

The P5200A can be used with any oscilloscope, and users can safely measure floating circuits when the oscilloscope is grounded. The P5200A Active Differential Probe converts floating signals into ground-referenced low-voltage signals that can be safely and easily displayed on any ground-referenced oscilloscope.

The P5205A is an active differential probe capable of safely measuring differential voltages up to ±1500V. Probes are useful when measuring IGBT circuits such as motor drives and power converters.

Features and Benefits:

◆Bandwidth up to 200MHz;

◆Up to 6000V differential voltage (DC + peak AC);

◆Up to 2300V common mode voltage (RMS);

◆Overrange indicator;

◆Pass safety certification;

◆Switchable attenuation;

◆ switchable bandwidth limit.


◆Floating measurement;

◆Switching power supply design;

◆ Motor drive design;

◆Design of electronic ballast;

◆CRT display design;

◆Design and maintenance of power converters;

◆ Power equipment evaluation.

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