On November 27, according to foreign media reports, on Tuesday local time, Facebook announced that it would acquire beat games, the developer of VR (virtual reality) music game beat saber, but the terms of the transaction have not been announced.

Rhythm space is a rhythm type game that needs to be tried with VR glasses equipment. It has exquisite game scenes and high-definition image quality. After the successful acquisition, beat games will be incorporated into oculus company under Facebook, but its business headquarters will remain unchanged and will remain independent. Over the past four years, oculus has spent a lot of time on the growth of its VR headset content ecosystem.

The acquisition of beat games and its merger into oculus indicates that Facebook may be following the strategy of Microsoft and Sony, that is, helping itself develop new game content by acquiring small studios. But Facebook said beat games would continue to support the platforms they were already working with.

Beat games is one of the more successful virtual reality game studios. Earlier this year, they announced that the globally popular VR rhythm game rhythm space has sold more than 1 million copies. It is said that “rhythm space” may be the first VR game with a sales volume of 1 million. However, the studio is very small, with only eight employees last year and no venture capital.

Facebook once praised the success of beat games at its VR developer conference, and provided a limited version of the game developed by beat games for free on its oculus quest. After beat games is acquired by Facebook, the expansion of business will no longer worry about financial support.

Beat Games has been expanding its business, such as publishing their songs based on game with musicians and providing paid music packages with bands such as imagine dragons and panic at the disco. It is conceivable that after the acquisition of beat games, Facebook’s communication with top artists will become smooth.


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