At the beginning of this year, Douglas lanman, director of display system research from Facebook reality labs, shared his research on different display technology solutions in the past five years at the ei2020 conference, how to use different solutions to try to solve the visual convergence adjustment conflict, as well as Facebook’s research on VR prototype head display half dome.

Facebook breaks through the conflict of VR visual convergence

The conflict of visual convergence regulation is one of the causes of the infamous motion sickness. It is easy to cause nausea, dizziness, eye fatigue and other problems, and has been an unsolved problem in the AR / VR display field. But at the end of the sharing, Douglas lanman said that after five years of efforts, at the technical level, Facebook has solved the conflict of visual convergence regulation, but it is not sure when it will be able to reach the mass consumers at an affordable cost. The following is a complete video of Douglas lanman. The subtitles are automatically generated by the machine.


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