It can help the contactless economy, protect the health of returned workers, and ensure the efficient operation of enterprises and social institutions. In the protracted war against the new epidemic situation, artificial intelligence enterprises have become the backbone of scientific and technological contribution. With the spread of the epidemic in foreign countries, artificial intelligence enterprises that have been reviewed in China begin to export the verified “Ai anti epidemic force” overseas to serve the international market.

Face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine has become a "face brush" artifact during the epidemic

Recently, major shopping centers along Singapore’s busiest Orchard Road, including Singapore shopping center and Orchard central city, have begun to use face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine developed by Pengsi technology.

It is understood that the product has been widely used in retail and offline service stores in Singapore. True fitness, one of Asia’s largest fitness chains, praised the products and solutions provided by Pengsi technology, which helped them save manpower for personnel temperature measurement.

The functions of 0.3 second sensorless passage, non-contact accurate temperature measurement, detection and reminder without wearing * mask, face recognition under * mask and other functions make Pengsi intelligent temperature measurement and access control products become “face brushing” artifact during the epidemic in Singapore, ensuring efficient passage, effectively avoiding aggregation risk and greatly reducing the probability of virus transmission.

“In Singapore, intelligent face recognition temperature control has become a star product, maintaining the growth of orders for more than 100 sets per week. Now, hundreds of Singapore enterprises have become our customers.” Pengsi technology Southeast Asia business head said.

In addition to offline retail and service industries, Pengsi technology’s epidemic prevention products are more deployed in office buildings, “more than 60% of customers are enterprises in office buildings.”

In the field of education, many schools have purchased Pengsi’s temperature measurement products and solutions. “Our intelligent temperature monitoring system monitors the temperature and attendance of more than 10000 Singapore students and staff every day, and keeps records for the verification of government departments.” Introduction of the person in charge.

In addition to temperature monitoring in public places, shopping malls and independent retail stores are also required to limit the number of visitors to places with large traffic. Business units must ensure that there is no crowd or procession in and around these places.

Therefore, the AI epidemic prevention scheme of Pengsi technology has added the functions of “personnel counting” and “automatic uploading of safeentry record”. By deploying intelligent face temperature measurement entrance guard at the entrance and exit of public places, the system can automatically control the number of people in the limited area and avoid gathering. In some scenes such as exhibitions and construction sites, the scheme also uses intelligent monitoring equipment to meet the needs of real-time monitoring of crowd density to ensure that people maintain a social distance of more than 1 meter.

It has been revealed that the intelligent temperature monitoring system developed by Pengsi technology has been certified by the health science authority of Singapore (HSA) and approved by the information, communication and Media Development Agency (IMDA) of Singapore as a “pre approved solution” for anti epidemic of Singapore enterprises. These AI products will help all walks of life in Singapore to be unsealed safely and promote the economic recovery.

According to data, Singapore’s GDP in the second quarter fell 41.2% from the previous three months and 12.6% in the second quarter compared with the same period last year, the largest quarterly * contraction on record. Economic recovery has become a top priority. To this end, Singapore has implemented limited and step-by-step measures since June.

As an international leading-edge aiot ecological platform company, Pengsi technology established the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in Singapore in early 2019, and carried out a series of scientific research cooperation with local universities, which made Singapore become the bridgehead of Pengsi technology’s “Ai going out to sea”. In the future, Pengsi technology will further strengthen the layout of Southeast Asia market.

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