With the advent of “face brushing era”, face recognition has been applied in more and more scenes such as scenic spots, campuses, civil affairs bureaus and large-scale performances. It not only improves the efficiency of work and learning, but also helps the development and construction of smart scenic spots, smart campuses and smart cities.

Face recognition helps “smart scenic spot”

With the increasing popularity of tourism year by year, the major scenic spots will usher in the peak of tourists every holiday. The problems such as queuing for tickets, controlling the flow of people in the scenic area, the safety of the scenic spot, and the destruction of objects in the scenic area are becoming increasingly prominent. In order to better serve tourists, many scenic spots accelerate the intelligent construction.

In July tourism season, the Shiyan Lake tourist area of Changsha has taken the lead in the new era of “face brushing and entering the park” by using the face recognition technology independently developed and applying the face recognition ticket checking system in the scenic spots. After purchasing tickets under the real name system, visitors can finish “face brushing” at the gate gate of the scenic area and successfully enter the park for sightseeing.

It is worth noting that this ticket check-in is different from other scenic spots. It needs to collect tourists’ images in advance before entering the park. Instead, it selects the function of person card comparison. After the ticket is purchased by the real name system, the gate equipment of the scenic area will admit the identity * information, collect the real-time face data of the tourists through the camera, and after the comparison with the identity * information, the tourists can enter the park successfully.

After using the face recognition system, visitors can quickly enter the park by raising their heads and brushing their faces, which takes only a few seconds to enter the scenic spot. It not only improves the efficiency of entering the scenic spot, but also improves the tourist experience. In addition, compared with two-dimensional code verification, fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, finger vein recognition and so on, the advantages of using face recognition are very obvious. Face recognition not only improves the accuracy, but also belongs to passive recognition for tourists, and does not need to do more cooperative actions, so the experience will be better.

With the construction and development of smart scenic spots, the application of face recognition technology in scenic spots can also achieve more functional applications, improve data analysis for scenic spots, and help the development of “smart scenic spots”.

“Brush face” get married more “real name”

In the period when face recognition was not popularized, the Civil Affairs Bureau also encountered the situation of cosmetic surgery and registration of impersonation. In the past, marriage registrars could only verify the registrant’s identity * and household register information based on their work experience. However, in the case of applicants who had undergone micro plastic surgery, double eyelid plastic surgery by single eyelid, big difference in body shape before and after pregnancy, great changes in appearance over a long period of time, and identical twins to handle the case, due to the lack of effective means of identification, which brought difficulties to the verification work and made a false marriage There are still opportunities for wrongdoing.

After the face recognition system was put into use in the Civil Affairs Bureau, the marriage registrant used a high-definition camera to compare the face photos collected at the scene with the data information of the public * departments, so that the identity information of the registered parties can be accurately judged and identified in a few seconds. Through the verification function of the face recognition system, it can effectively combat the situation of using other people’s identity information for marriage registration. When the applicant is found to be inconsistent with the certificate, the staff can choose to add the certificate to the blacklist. If the identity * appears again in other online marriage registration systems, the staff will be prompted to pay attention.

The application of “face recognition” in the Civil Affairs Bureau greatly improves the ability and efficiency of the identification of the parties, and effectively solves the problem of using other people’s information for marriage registration.

Large offline activities of face recognition

Recently, the 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (CJ) was held in Shanghai. As an off-line super large-scale exhibition after the epidemic, CJ for the first time adopted the real name system to observe the exhibition. Users purchased tickets online under the real name system, and the offline identity * comparison was conducted to verify the admission.

At the exhibition site, in addition to checking the health code status of ticket users and measuring their body temperature, when entering the ticket verification, they will swipe their identities * and compare their faces. 85 independently developed G3 multi-functional gates and 135 relevant support equipment were deployed and controlled on site, which can effectively identify human images, and the verification reaches 1.5 seconds per person. In addition, the G3 gate and video identification technology can effectively analyze the pedestrian flow line, crowd density and peak flow of people per unit time, so as to avoid potential safety hazards such as congestion and queuing.

Face recognition technology is applied in more and more scenes

Real name system + face recognition comparison admission covers all participants, including spectator tickets, complimentary tickets, and work * all of them have realized real name admission. Foreigners can pass the passport check channel and compare the face recognition entry; forget the identity user, the site can be checked by Alipay electronic identity *; the staff and exhibitors are all working * and identity * binding entry, one person, one card, no lending.

At this stage, large-scale offline exhibitions, performances, music festivals and other activities can rely on face recognition technology to complete the ticket checking and security work, effectively solving the problems of congestion, real name admission, and cattle reverse.

Face recognition helps intelligent micro library to land

In recent years, colleges and universities have accelerated the upgrading of smart campus construction, and introduced intelligent equipment according to the actual situation of the campus, such as campus entrance and exit management, campus parking, campus attendance and library borrowing system. Among them, the campus library introduced face recognition technology and set up an intelligent micro library. Different from the previous libraries, an intelligent micro Library covers an area of only 1.2 square meters, but has a collection of 650 books. The library operates 24 hours a day. Students can borrow and return books through the login information of face recognition, without needing to swipe cards and enter passwords The school can also use this technology to strengthen the management of books to avoid the problems such as no trace of books and no responsibility for damage.

This kind of new borrowing method with strong interaction and strong sense of science and technology effectively breaks through the space-time limitation of traditional library service on campus, and saves the management cost of special staff for the school. Relying on face recognition technology to implement the intelligent lending mode in the student groups set off a reading boom.

Mature and reliable face recognition technology is the premise of its wide application in smart campus. Face recognition technology plays an important role in the process of Campus Intelligence.

Conclusion: the above are just the epitome of face recognition application. The application range of face recognition is more and more extensive, and the application cases are more and more abundant, which brings more and more convenience to people’s production and life!

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