Face recognition technology is a kind of biometric technology produced by the development of technology. Its working principle is to scan and extract the facial features of visitors for data comparison to identify them. This technology has a wide range of applications in China, such as: home intelligent security door lock, intelligent traffic management, public security management and other public security areas of identity authentication It has achieved remarkable results.

In the field of security, face recognition technology has good technical advantages. The uniqueness of the working principle of face recognition technology can be used in the access control system, which effectively avoids the situation that the owner can’t enter the house when he loses his key.

Video surveillance is a common form of security system. With the continuous development of technology, the security system has realized the development of digital and intelligent. Security equipment is constantly updated, the function is more and more perfect. However, as far as the application effect of the security system is concerned, it is impossible to confirm the action trajectory of the target object in the monitoring scene. In the whole monitoring scene, the establishment of the target object is the core of the judgment and warning in the monitoring scene. Video surveillance triggers an alarm by monitoring the target object, and transmits the information to the sensor. The sensor receives the information to determine the actual object in the scene, but the defect of video surveillance is that it can not effectively identify the action changes of the target object in the video.

At present, monitoring technology is vulnerable to external factors, such as light intensity, distance, location, object size and other factors will interfere with the monitoring video. If there is the interference of the above factors, it will affect the determination of the target object in the surveillance video.

In addition, a single monitoring system can not identify and confirm the real identity of the monitored object in the video. Based on the analysis of video surveillance system, the basic requirement of continuous video sequence is to provide effective information for accurately identifying the real identity of the monitored object, and hope to achieve this goal. First of all, we need to conduct more in-depth research and development on the existing technology.

For the monitoring system, it is necessary to upload the monitoring video to the background system, and then analyze, identify and confirm the video image. In this process, not only a lot of time is wasted, but also the image of surveillance video will be lost in the transmission process, which makes the final video analysis more difficult.

The application of face recognition technology in security system can be divided into two modes: identity authentication and identity recognition. First of all, identity authentication: the identity of the party is associated with the ongoing behavior, to determine whether the behavior is legal, to complete the identification and judgment between different facial features, and to determine that the person is a legal person. Now face recognition technology has been effectively applied to the access control system, attendance system, education examination system and password system, etc., to play a reliable role in identity verification, complete the verification of the behavior authority of the target object, and record the identity information of the target object.

Secondly, identity recognition: comparing the face image input by the system with the face image existing in the target database, the identity information of the target face image is confirmed. It can be used in customs, airport, railway station and other public security occasions, effectively identify the identity of the inspected personnel, help the police quickly arrest criminals and maintain public order.

Face recognition technology can be said to be a high-end technology in the field of biometrics. In recent years, this technology has played an outstanding role in many fields. The combination of face recognition technology and video surveillance system complements and improves the defects of the previous security monitoring system. From the technical level, face recognition technology and monitoring system use a similar principle, the former is mainly through the face feature information to identify, the latter is to judge the video stream information, the combination of the two can better achieve functional complementarity. Face recognition technology is embedded in the monitoring system, which can effectively extract the face features of the video, and compare the face information with the database, so as to further improve the security performance of the monitoring system and achieve better monitoring and recognition effect.

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