Every year, there are incidents of lost children, which not only concerns the families of the lost children, but also affects the hearts of every parent. For children’s search problems, the longer the time, the more difficult it is to find. Now, artificial intelligence can search for lost children through face recognition and iris recognition technology and the construction of face information database.

At present, the existing method is to collect blood samples and compare them through gene bank. But the limitation of this method is that not everyone will collect blood samples. Many missing children do not know that they have been abducted and sold, and will not take the initiative to collect blood samples. And the process of blood sample collection is complicated, which needs medical staff to collect. Create and use artificial intelligence technology, through face scanning, storage, and then put the missing person’s information into the cloud database for face comparison. Through the data comparison of tens of thousands of times per second, the similar face information is selected to enter the accurate verification process. This way can greatly reduce the labor cost and improve the efficiency of search. And the previous face collection work is relatively simple, and it is easier to be accepted by the public.

The second face simulation algorithm can be used to simulate the growth and change of human face. Once upon a time, people used face simulation algorithms to predict their appearance in 10 years or 20 years. Many children are still in their infancy when they are lost. Many years after they are lost, their appearance has changed, which undoubtedly brings a lot of obstacles to the search for relatives. And face simulation technology is solving this problem. By using the face simulation growth algorithm, technicians can simulate and generate a picture of the child’s present appearance according to the photos of the child’s childhood. If this algorithm can be applied to the face data comparison of the lost people, it can increase the chance of finding the relatives who have been lost for a long time.

Some people may see the suspected abduction and trafficking in the streets, but they are afraid that it is someone else’s family business and dare not take care of it. Even if the search information has been released by the website or media, it is difficult for different regions and different groups to obtain the information in time, so as to miss the opportunity of search. Through this technology, citizens can take photos with face information on their mobile phones, and compare the system in real time in the background, reducing the difficulty of finding children. At the same time, it is also a powerful blow to criminals. We should use artificial intelligence technology to mobilize the enthusiasm of the people and jointly crack down on crimes.

Behind this is the iterative face retrieval technology, which enhances the face recognition ability, realizes the rapid comparison and locking in the massive face data, matches the possible missing persons, and can complete tens of millions of face retrieval in milliseconds. Science and technology make life better, which is not only a slogan, but also let everyone feel the new vitality given by science and technology.

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