Recently, the Public Security Bureau of a certain place has received four burglary reports in succession, and the cases happened in the same community, and the stolen residents have different degrees of property losses. Police early through on-site investigation, access to a large number of video data, to find traces of criminals. The suspect’s anti detection awareness is very strong, and the police have to expand the scope of search again to lock the hotel where the suspect is staying. After two days of uninterrupted pursuit, the police finally succeeded in arresting two suspect and arrested a number of stolen goods in Loudi, Hunan.

In the case, the police need to access a large number of video information, the initial visit and investigation of the case is very heavy, set up many barriers for solving the case, a large number of and concentrated crimes also affect people’s lives.

Many communities because of weak security awareness, mixed community personnel, personal and property safety of the community will cause great hidden danger. As we all know, home is a warm harbor. It’s the most relaxing time of the day to go home after working hard. However, if even the harbor is not safe enough, you will have to worry when you get home, which will add a lot of troubles and burdens to your family.

With the development of national economy and the acceleration of economic globalization, China’s security industry is developing rapidly; with the continuous progress of science and technology, the field of security industry is expanding. Alarm operation, intermediary, information and other professional services have started, and the product range has been constantly enriched. As a security system, access control system, monitoring system and alarm system are the three most important parts. In terms of popularity, monitoring and alarm systems have long been popular. But monitoring and alarm systems are passive security systems. People also have higher requirements for the safety and comfort of the living environment. In order to improve the quality of people’s life, many urban communities have installed face recognition access control system to facilitate people’s life and promote the construction of smart city.

It is understood that China’s domestic access control system is still based on access magnetic card, fingerprint, password lock settings. Most of these access control settings need close manual contact of residents to open, frequent contact is easy to cause skin infectious diseases, especially children and the elderly with weak resistance. The popular installation of face recognition access control system advocates using “face” instead of “access card” to minimize unnecessary contact. Face recognition access control system mainly collects face images through cameras, collects features, and compares with the huge face template in the background, so that residents in the community or floor can pass freely. Even if you forget the magnetic card, fingerprint deformation and password when you go out, you won’t be stopped at the gate of the community.

The population of the community is concentrated, and the situation of personnel access is complex. There are not only relatives and friends, express delivery, but also unknown strangers. Due to the large flow of people, limited energy of management personnel and other problems, the entrance and exit management has not been ideal. In addition, the problems of magnetic card loss, password leakage and fingerprint theft have not been effectively solved. Many illegal elements take the opportunity to sneak in, resulting in frequent security incidents in the community.

Face recognition access control system, combined with face recognition, face contrast, Internet of things and other technologies to achieve cross authentication, to assist community managers to confirm the user’s identity. It is understood that due to the intuitive and difficult to copy features of human face, face recognition access control system can effectively prevent strangers from entering and leaving the community at will, reduce the frequency of community safety accidents as far as possible, and strengthen the community security system.

Smart registration reduces management cost

With the rapid development of face recognition technology, the optimization of face recognition access control is further improved. At present, the recognition rate of face recognition technology is not affected by external factors such as makeup technology, portrait photos, mask models, day and night, etc. it is very difficult for strangers to enter the community by camouflage.

Compared with the traditional fingerprint, magnetic card and other access control system management, face recognition access control system is more intelligent and convenient in management application. In the past, the fingerprint, magnetic card and key need to be replaced in time when the community personnel changed. After the face recognition access control system is put into use, the new users only need to register the face information in the community management office, and they can go in and out freely, greatly saving the cost of community personnel change management.

Access control as the first pass of living environment security, its importance is self-evident, the design of access control system has gradually become the focus of security market. In the era of artificial intelligence technology blooming, face recognition is a new force. With the help of the east wind, face recognition access control will be further promoted to the market. At present, face recognition access control system has been applied in finance, security, education, office, building management and other fields.

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