Last year, Dajiang launched the djifpv digital image transmission system applicable to the traversing machine, but so far it has not launched a traversing machine product.

Now, Dajiang’s own crossing machine, djifpvcombo, is finally coming. Some netizens have aired the video of opening the box and carried it to station B.

From the open box video, it is completely consistent with the spy photos previously exposed, which is basically the same as the official listing in the future.

Exposure of DJI FPV combo rendering of Dajiang crossing aircraft

Dajiang FVP is equipped with the second generation FPV flying glasses, which can display 720p / 120fps images with low delay of 28ms and support 4km image transmission.

The matching handle is very similar to the latest UAV handle of Dajiang.

According to the specifications of Netcom, the traversing aircraft supports 4K / 60fps recording, three blade propellers, three flight modes, maximum speed of 120-150km / h, 2000mAh battery, and 20 minute endurance.

Its built-in FPV camera can remotely adjust the tilt angle, so that players can fly in the air like “immersive”. It is said that the price is 9688 yuan.

Traverser is a kind of remote control aircraft which lacks the ability of autonomous cruise. Because of its fast speed and flexible action, it is often used to race or shoot flight pictures that can not be shot by traditional UAV, and the visual effect is much more exciting.

Of course, it is precisely because of such characteristics that “bombers” are more common than traditional UAVs, and how to be more crashworthy is a problem that Xinjiang must consider.

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