On March 20, according to foreign media reports, a Facebook developer document on overseas Developer Forum reddit disclosed a new mobile oculus VR head display, code named “Del Mar”.

Exposure experience effect of Facebook Mobile VR all in one machine may be further improved

Since the beginning of 2014, oculus has set a code for each development machine. For example, the product code named Crystal Cove corresponds to oculus DK2, while most of the product names come from California coast, beaches and cities.

Corresponding code and final product name of oculus product:

Crystal Cove:Oculus Rift Development Kit 2

Crescent Bay:Oculus Rift

Half-Moon:Oculus Touch controllers

Pacific:Oculus Go

Santa Cruz is a product that can bring the experience of oculus rift to the mobile end. Monarch is the name of the early prototype of Santa Cruz, and finally Monterey becomes the code name of oculus quest.

In 2017, Facebook launched the first mobile VR all-in-one oculus go, which officially entered the mobile terminal. However, due to technical limitations, oculus go only has 3DOF tracking. Coupled with performance limitations, it can only watch videos and experience mild game products.

Starting from Santa Cruz, Facebook has been exploring devices that can achieve PC VR effect on mobile terminals. Finally, in May 2018, oculus quest, which supports 6 DOF, was officially released. Under the strategy of Facebook’s hardware guarantee and content profitability, it strictly controlled the content quality and experience on the platform, and soon Quest got very good market feedback. According to the data of Superdata, In 2019, the sales volume of oculus quest will reach 705000. Recently, Facebook also announced that there are 20 games on oculus quest platform, and the revenue exceeds 1 million US dollars.

Oculus quest is a milestone product for the development of VR industry, but there are still some problems, such as the head display is too heavy to wear for a long time. Starting from 2019, the trend of lightweight VR head display began to appear. At the F8 conference in 2018, Facebook also showed its developing short focus VR head display half dome series, proving that Facebook’s future products will continue to improve the experience effect in terms of weight and comfort.

According to the information obtained at present, it is not known what kind of device the code “Del Mar” corresponds to. Some people in the industry speculate that it is a product using the latest XR2 solution of Qualcomm. In May this year, Facebook will hold the latest F8 conference online, and VR gyro will continue to follow up the latest news.


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