Beijing, China, April 13, 2021 – tech has created a special page for weak signal testing to provide more centralized and convenient service support for scientists and engineering technicians in the field of weak signal research. At the same time, Tektronix has also launched e-books and physical books of the low level measurement manual (the Seventh Edition), and a series of audio of the low level manual has been launched by a Tektronix technical expert anchor, which further simplifies the complex e-books and increases professional skills by listening.

In the information industry chain, testing technology, communication technology and computer technology have respectively completed the collection, transmission and processing of information, and are expected to play a decisive role in promoting the rapid economic development and the modernization of traditional industries. Current, voltage and resistance are the basic research objects of electronic measurement technology and instruments. When the magnitude of current and voltage signals is small to a certain extent, such as nanovolt and picoammetric, their accurate measurement becomes very complex and difficult, especially in the current popular aerospace measurement and control, semiconductor integrated circuit testing, new material research and analysis and testing required for the development of life science. For this reason, generation after generation of scientists and engineers and technicians explore and search in the vast sea of noise, with the purpose of making the instrument more and more sensitive to measurement and more powerful in resolving the detected signal, so as to approach its physical limit.

Jishili excels in the field of weak signal measurement. In combination with its own leading theory and practical experience accumulated in the field of measurement for decades, it has contributed the book “low level measurement manual”, which has been updated to the seventh edition for the insiders to understand how to correctly carry out low-level measurement, so as to achieve the purpose of capturing and quantitative analysis of weak electrical signals. The manual contains a relatively rigorous definition of measurement terms, error source analysis and methods to eliminate or avoid errors. At the same time, it also gives typical application examples, which is a model for learning and using now.

At the same time, tech also launched a low-level manual audio for online listening. Dalingzi, a technical lecturer, acted as an audio anchor. Each audio segment lasted about 10 minutes and was updated three times a week. He explained in detail the relevant knowledge of precision DC current, voltage and resistance measurement technology, avoided complex mathematical derivation, and completely started from the actual problems in the test, so that readers could understand how to correctly carry out low-level measurement in simple terms, To achieve the purpose of capturing and quantitative analysis of weak electrical signals.

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