Neusoft Solution Forum 2021 “Software Defined Future Healthcare” sub-forum was officially launched. Yao Yong, vice president of Neusoft Group and general manager of the Medical Solutions Division, and Lu Zhaoxia, chairman and CEO of Neusoft Hanfeng, together with industry experts and customers in the medical field, discussed the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, under the background of building a digital China strategy, Software defines a new blueprint for future healthcare.

The development of medical treatment goes hand in hand with human society, and the leap of science and technology has greatly promoted the progress of medical treatment. Today, human beings have entered the era of Internet of Everything and software empowerment. Software and information technology have become the leading force to promote social development. Medical care is undergoing fundamental changes, and software makes medical care more efficient, more accurate, and more intelligent. Software is becoming a core force defining the evolution of healthcare.

The essence of medical treatment is the process of human beings exploring and reconstructing the order of life, and software is helping us to better understand the essence of medical treatment, interpret the mysteries of life contained in human genetic programs, thereby eliminating the uncertainty of health and finding a healthy life. the optimal solution of . Software helps us better understand life and establish an effective medical order. Software is defining the new order and new paradigm of future medical care from various aspects such as diagnosis and treatment methods, service models, systems and processes, innovation capabilities, and industrial ecology.

For more than 20 years, Neusoft has continued to advance in the medical and health field, and has built a sustainable big health ecosystem centered on software and information technology. Its business covers urban primary medical services and health management, hospital informatization, medical big Data and intelligence, medical Internet of Things and 5G, digital medical equipment, health and medical technology education, medical insurance and other fields. Neusoft has served more than 400 tertiary hospitals, more than 2,700 large medical institutions, and more than 40,000 grassroots medical and health institutions. It has undertaken the construction of national health informatization in more than 30 provinces and cities, and provides more than 1.2 billion outpatient services for patients every year. .

In the field of medical informatization, in 1997, Neusoft entered the HIT industry with its core medical business as the starting point. In 2008, on the basis of continuously strengthening the core business system of the hospital, Neusoft began to focus on the construction of clinical subdivision products, and successively released clinical products such as imaging, inspection, hand anesthesia, emergency, and critical care, and continued to build specialized professional capabilities. In 2019, through the two-wheel drive of “platform-based business + product-based business”, Neusoft built three industry-leading solutions, namely RealOne Suite, CloudOne Suite and HealthOne Suite, for three types of customers: large medical institutions, small and medium-sized medical and health institutions, and health commissions. The overall solution has entered the development stage of empowering the whole medical scene with software.

At present, Neusoft has led the construction of a new generation of smart hospitals. Shengjing Hospital Affiliated to China Medical University has become the first hospital in the country to pass the highest-level evaluation of “electronic medical records” and “interconnection”. In addition, Neusoft continued to empower regional medical construction, and created a batch of national-level medical community pilot projects in “Dancheng, Yiliang, Tianchang, and Yangqu”. At the same time, Neusoft’s scenario-based regional solutions empower the construction of national medical centers and regional medical centers, effectively supporting the precise prevention and control of the epidemic. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Neusoft’s full-scenario epidemic prevention and control solution has been applied to Nearly 100 cities have provided nucleic acid testing services for nearly 500 million people.

Facing the future, Neusoft will co-create with the times and explore the way of software-defined future medical care. Neusoft will provide a reliable and efficient digital support platform for the high-quality operation of hospitals, provide a wide range of digital empowerment platforms for the government’s medical system reform, public health services and disease prevention, and provide convenient and rich digitalization for individual medical and health services. Scenario experience, through the reconstruction of human, financial, material, and information processes, greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of medical resource allocation, thereby empowering the construction of smart hospitals and city-level medical and health systems.

Original Title: Software Defines Future Healthcare Empowering Healthcare System Value Creation

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