In 2016, the UAV industry ended up with 134 employees laid off by zero degree intelligent control. Founded eight years ago, this well-known Chinese UAV company started with fixed wing UAV flight control technology. It has accumulated users in surveying and mapping, security, film and television, agriculture, electric power, scientific research and other industries. In 2016, it began to develop consumer UAVs, and even changed its domain name and enterprise image. The year of zero degree intelligent control in 2016 is just a miniature of the year of UAV industry.

It’s hard for us to use a keyword to describe the year of UAV industry. When we relax the time scale, we will find that this industry is still in an exploratory period, just like zero degree intelligent control’s exploration in the consumer market this year.

Exploration and development of UAV industry in consumer market

This year, in the consumer market, a large number of companies began to explore the possibility of a second Dajiang or even surpassing Dajiang, and Dajiang itself was also exploring the possibility of “surpassing the current Dajiang”. When the annual revenue of Dajiang reached one million, many companies fell into the dilemma of layoffs. In the industry level market, a large number of companies either explore the underlying technology and product form to improve the performance of UAVs, or explore more application scenarios. Pure electric UAVs and vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAVs are becoming a new trend. UAVs have been seen in agriculture, security, electric power, surveying and mapping, film and television, scientific research, even communication, logistics, education and other fields.

This year, as well as UAVs, we are exploring the anti UAV market. When it is inevitable for UAVs to occupy an altitude of 300 meters, some companies are exploring how to ensure the safety and privacy of UAVs, and technologies such as radio, sound wave, radar, laser gun, new materials and even hacker technology have been applied. Funds such as a16z and Menlo ventures are trying to lay out in this field.

This year is also an exploration period for capital. There are also opportunities for institutions not to believe in the 721 rule; Some organizations value the innovation of hardware products in the machine industry, while others value the value of services and future imagination.

And we are trying to describe the year of UAV industry with more concise and accurate language.

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