What is VR?

VR is the English abbreviation of Virtual Reality. The so-called VR is actually a simulation system realized by using graphics and computer technology. It deceives the user's brain through a special image form, so that the user seems to be immersed in a man-made fictional scene. , the current way to achieve this experience is to wear a helmet with special lenses and watch specially produced images.

What can VR do?

1. VR games, games that users can experience in a specific environment, feel the same as the real ones, but they are still immature.

2. VR mall, where users go to shopping malls anywhere in the world, they can try on, place orders, etc., which is more convenient than physical stores.

3. VR dating and blind date allows two people who are far apart to communicate face-to-face, but the technology is not yet mature.

4. VR viewing and buying a house allows users to understand the house more thoroughly. When standing inside the house to watch, everything is so real.

5. VR design, users use VR to design products, and the designed models are consistent with the real ones, reducing industrial errors. VR will definitely bring reforms to the design industry.

There are many more such as concerts, exhibitions, news, sports and fitness, family interaction and so on.

What is VR Panorama?

It is an emerging rich media technology. The biggest difference between it and traditional streaming media such as video, sound, and pictures is that it is "operable and interactive". Panorama is divided into virtual reality and 3D real scene. Virtual reality is a simulated reality scene produced by software such as maya; 3D real scene is to use a single-lens reflex camera or a street view car to take real-life photos, and after special stitching and processing, the viewer can stand in the painting environment and feel the most beautiful picture.

What can VR panorama do?

The product is presented with 720° roaming without dead ends, and the VR panorama of the product can be applied to online shopping malls, Taobao online stores, corporate websites and so on.

Advantages of VR Panorama

VR panorama, using 3D and VR technology to move the real world to the Internet for all-round display. In a true sense, 1:1 is presented to customers, like a tour guide taking customers to stores and enterprises to visit and inspect.

Let customers be there and experience the whole picture. VR panorama is shared through WeChat, official website, QQ, Weibo, forums, APP and other Internet carriers, and it is spread widely.

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