Focus on the test and verification of 800g high-speed technology, and talk about the future development of optical communication and optical network.

Beijing, China, June 16, 2021 – viavi solutions (NASDAQ: viav) made its debut at the 21st China Optical webinar today, showcasing the new generation 5g and optical communication field testing solutions, and joined hands with industry-leading equipment manufacturers to carry out 800g/ coherent optical field testing. This seminar focuses on the latest development trend of optical communication technology and various systems, subsystems, modules, components and DCI, and jointly discusses the cutting-edge views of the industry. At the meeting, shahuijun, technical director of viavi Greater China, will also share the theme of “simplifying and accelerating 800g technology testing and verification”, and discuss the development prospects of optical network / optical module and 5g with industry experts.

With the continuous surge of network traffic, 800g is rapidly becoming a part of the upgrade plan of operators, and its implementation progress is gradually accelerated. The optical network ecosystem is also preparing for the 800g module. Shahuijun, technical director of viavi Greater China, said: “new network application scenarios represented by 800g are emerging gradually, supporting the evolution of the next generation network architecture. It is very important to simplify and accelerate the test and verification of 800g high-speed technology. Viavi has rich experience in providing test solutions, and through continuous research and development, it helps operators and partners better complete the corresponding verification tests at any node in the life cycle.”

Under the influence of the epidemic, the global network traffic pattern, complexity and scale are changing. The optical communication industry is also facing the opportunities of diversification and digital transformation. With the increasing speed and bandwidth demand of 5g, cloud services and other infrastructure projects, the importance of optical network, optical transmission and DCI technology has become increasingly prominent. As the world’s leading provider of communication network testing services, monitoring and assurance solutions, viavi is committed to helping the entire industry chain provide leading optical network testing solutions, simplifying and accelerating high-speed network testing at all stages of the production life cycle of product design, validation and manufacturing, optical fiber monitoring and inspection.

This time viavi mainly exhibited the new generation 5g and optical communication field test solutions, and carried out 800g/ coherent light test with equipment manufacturers on site. Some products on display include:

·Ont-800 optical network tester: it can meet the bandwidth, power supply and cooling requirements for testing at 600g per wavelength and higher. The ont series is equipped with a variety of host options and compatible application modules, ranging from “single slot” single point tools to complete 19 inch rack mounted multi slot, multi port and multi-user solutions, which can meet complex SVT requirements. All application modules share the same GUI, automation and script processing functions, which are easy to use and can achieve universality throughout the product development cycle.

·Otu-5000 optical test equipment: the most compact rack type remote OTDR test equipment in the market, which can automatically complete optical network monitoring. Combined with optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) and optical switching technology, multiple optical fibers can be monitored continuously at any position in the network.

·Otu-8000 optical test equipment: combined with optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) and optical switch technology, it can continuously monitor multiple optical fibers at any position in the network. The fully modular design of the platform allows the use of multiple wavelengths and dynamic ranges to optimize fiber monitoring for changing networks. The rack mounted automatic OTDR test is used for automatic optical network monitoring. The equipment provides a variety of OTDR modules, which can carry out traditional OTDR trajectory measurement, as well as DTS and DTSS (distributed temperature and pressure) measurement.

·Mts-5800-100g handheld network tester: the industry’s smallest handheld dual port 100g tester, which can be tested at all stages of the network service life cycle, including optical fiber testing, service activation, troubleshooting and maintenance. With advanced test functions such as optical device self-test, Ethernet line rate acquisition / decoding and OTN check, technicians can now test their networks faster and more accurately than before. It supports traditional and emerging technologies, and can meet the network application requirements including metropolitan area network / core network, data center interconnection, and enterprise service test application requirements.

As a grand event in the field of optical communication, the China Optical webinar has attracted the participation of many professionals and opinion leaders to talk about the development opportunities, challenges and Countermeasures of the industry. This seminar lasts for two days. Welcome to viavi booth A04 to listen to the keynote speech and learn more about the latest products and solutions of viavi.

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