Recently, Evergrande new energy power battery project started in Guiyang National High tech Zone, officially opening the project construction prelude.

According to battery, the first phase of Evergrande project covers an area of 222 mu, with a construction area of 86000 square meters. After completion and operation, the estimated production capacity is 3gwh. After determining the general contractor and pile unit of the project on March 25, the pile construction unit will enter the site to carry out the excavation work of the hole pile on March 26, and the general contractor will organize the force to carry out the temporary construction work of the project. It is estimated that 60% of the main construction work will be completed in the first phase of the project by the end of 2020.

“Seize the day, live up to the time”, Evergrande said. The company will take advantage of the continuous good momentum of epidemic prevention and control work in the high tech Zone and various favorable policies to promote the development of the project, with the coordination and help of various departments in the high tech Zone, accelerate the project construction work, and provide strong support for the economic indicators of the high tech Zone.

Evergrande new energy power battery project is expected to have a capacity of 3gwh after it is completed and put into operation

According to the statistical data of Research Department of power battery application branch, Evergrande new energy (Shanghai carnet) achieved 631.42mwh of power battery installed capacity of new energy vehicles in 2019, ranking the top three in the domestic soft package power battery installed capacity list.

It is understood that at present, Evergrande new energy has become the battery supplier of many mainstream automobile enterprises, such as SAIC Group, Dongfeng Motor, Changan Automobile and Jiangling group, and has four production bases in Shanghai, Jiangxi, Guangxi and Jiangsu.

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