Recently, Cooler Master has brought Blizzard T610P ARGB air-cooled radiator. Its predecessor is Blizzard T610P RGB. The overall design inspiration comes from MasterAir Makers. air-cooled radiator.

The Cooler Master T610P ARGB air-cooled radiator adopts the traditional single-tower structure design, the overall size is 130.9×112.8×170.4mm, and there are six pure copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6mm. It can effectively resist corrosion and improve heat dissipation performance.

The brand-new Blizzard T610P ARGB radiator adopts a flatter copper bottom design. Compared with the previous generation’s 6 heat pipes in direct contact, the heat pipes are directly flattened and placed in parallel on the contact surface, the surface is smoother and flatter, and there is no need to worry about gaps And the rough bumps ensure that the contact surface between the heat sink and the top layer of the CPU is always the largest, and the heat conduction efficiency is the highest.

2. Cooler Master T610P ARGB Air-cooled Radiator Heat Dissipation Capability Evaluation

In the choice of test platform configuration, the CPU we use is Core i9-10900K. As one of the top CPUs on the market, its power consumption and heat generation pose a great test to most radiators, which is enough to test this radiator. The device should perform under high intensity.

In the evaluation, we will use the AIDA64 stability test to bake the Cooler Master T610P ARGB air-cooled radiator. The ambient temperature during the test was 26.2°C. T610P ARGB and T610P RGB will be paired with Core i9-10900K to test the performance at 4.8GHz. When the FPU is fully loaded, record the temperature after running for 15 minutes.

Compared with the previous generation, the Cooler Master T610P ARGB air-cooled radiator is more than 5°C lower than the old model, which shows that the added pure copper base of the Cooler Master T610P ARGB air-cooled radiator has a great effect. The reason is that the original heat pipes are in direct contact, and there will be gaps in the middle. At the same time, the top cover of the CPU is recessed, resulting in uneven contact surfaces. The Cooler Master T610P ARGB air-cooled radiator increases the base to eliminate the gap, and at the same time, the middle is protruding, which increases the contact area, and the heat pipe is complete, which effectively improves the heat dissipation effect. In addition, when the vortex fan of the Cooler Master T610P ARGB air-cooled radiator is running at full speed, the noise improvement is also obvious.

3. What is an air-cooled radiator

As a mainstream product category different from water-cooled radiators, air-cooled radiators continue to lead the advancement and innovation of the entire IT cooling market. Air-cooled radiators can be roughly divided into the following categories according to the location of use:

(1) CPU radiator products: Due to the high performance and high heat of the CPU, the heat of the CPU is getting higher and higher in the process of continuous integration, and the CPU radiator is urgently needed for cooling;

(2) VGA radiator products: In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of innovation capabilities in 3D, film and television, animation, games and other visual effect-focused fields, the demand for graphics cards is also increasing, from simple one-dimensional production to superb For 3D production, the functions of VGA graphics cards are also constantly being concentrated and integrated, especially the GPU products, which have more powerful performance.
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