Communication system, especially the Internet, plays a more and more important role in daily life, and shows a trend of accelerated development. Nowadays, Internet access is no longer the patent of personal computer and network workstation. Many embedded systems controlled by microcontroller (or single chip microcomputer) have also become a member of Internet network nodes. Usually, this embedded system can be called embedded internet terminal. Imagine that if we can complete the remote microcontroller control through the web browser and receive the signals collected by the microcontroller, it will bring great convenience to people’s life and greatly promote the development of productivity.

CS8900A low-power Ethernet controller is widely used in industrial computers. Its highly integrated design (only a few peripheral components are required in application) and simple bus interface are very suitable for this design. At present, many Ethernet controllers only provide PCI (peripheral element expansion interface) interface, and CS8900A can be directly connected with microcontroller. Therefore, CS8900A can be directly controlled through the I / O port of MSP430F149. The specific connection mode is shown in Figure 2. In addition, CS8900A can directly supply 3V power, which is conducive to level matching with MSP430F149.

  Ethernet terminal module circuit based on MSP430 single chip microcomputer and CS8900A

Figure 2: schematic diagram of hardware circuit

With the development of network technology, there are more and more micro embedded Internet terminals that need network connection and communication, which can be applied not only in daily life, but also in many industrial sites, especially in those industrial sites that need to share data or some information. In addition, the power consumption of MSP430 Series MCU is very low, which solves the power supply problem in some special occasions.

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