Beijing, China – October 13, 2021 – Ethernet networks (AIM: eNet. L), a leading provider of programmable hardware data processing and unloading solutions for accelerating telecom / cloud networks, announced the launch of programmable uep-60 general edge platform 5g router, which is positioned to become the best indoor / outdoor wireless return unit. It provides network capacity of up to 60gbps and almost unlimited protocol and port configuration flexibility.

Uep-60 is a solution for network edge infrastructure. It is specially designed for 5g networks and is used for wireless backhaul indoor / outdoor units with integrated layer 1 binding, forward gateway, small base station aggregation or base station gateway.

The device uses FPGA SOC to process the data path, and is equipped with a four core ARM processor to run the control protocol stack. By combining this control function with 1g and 10g ports, uep-60 is very suitable as a switch / router network device for aggregating and dividing Wan and LAN networks. In addition, FPGA also supports complete routing function and security through additional components, so as to save the space and cost of network edge devices.

The highlight of uep-60 is that it can be completely customized for specific purposes in the network. The hardware configuration and FPGA can be customized to meet various needs while achieving the highest performance in compact and economical devices.

Oded Bergman, vice president of product and business development at Ethernet, said: “Uep-60 brings a variety of value-added functions, from standard routing function to unparalleled other capabilities that our patented L1 wireless binding, forward interface and bare metal base station router can’t provide. More importantly, the programmability provided by uep-60 brings unprecedented flexibility, which makes the equipment have the ability to adapt to the future and meet the needs of emerging markets.”

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