In recent years, with the continuous improvement of face recognition technology, its application has become more and more widely, a “brush face” era is quietly opening! In daily life, whether it is financial payment, hotel check-in, checkpoint security, family security or mobile phone unlocking, we can see the figure of face recognition“ “Face brushing” not only brings convenience to people, but also opens a new commercial market.

But even so, the popularity of face recognition has also spawned a lot of technical dilemmas and problems. Nowadays, with the rapid development of “face brushing” applications, more and more security and privacy issues have been exposed, and many voices have begun to reflect: is face recognition application good or bad? How to balance the privacy, security and convenience it brings? Should its future development follow certain rules? This makes its development controversial.

Establishing a good sense of risk prevention and control is also an important topic in the era of face recognition

Technology has advantages, brush face has confidence

When it comes to face recognition, it is actually one of many biometric recognition technologies, which is unique and convenient. It is an emerging technology that has only been popular in recent years. In the past, people used a single way for identity authentication and security, most of which were digital passwords or physical certificates. In this way, on the one hand, there may be identity fraud, on the other hand, it is easy to cause the verification information to be forgotten or omitted, so it is not conducive to people’s convenient and safe application.

The application of face recognition technology can solve the above problems. As a recognition method based on human facial features, the high uniqueness and long-term stability of human biometrics determine the accuracy, reliability and flexibility of face recognition. Relying on face recognition instead of traditional verification method can not only improve the accuracy and accuracy of verification, but also greatly reduce the complexity of verification, making people’s verification more simplified and convenient.

In addition, face recognition is different from the general passive verification method. Its initiative identification can be applied to security monitoring, criminal pursuit, personnel search and monitoring, and act as a powerful assistant for the public security organs to search for missing persons and identify and arrest criminals. In general, based on its own many technical advantages, face recognition is particularly significant in terms of application fields, methods and effects.

Security threatened, users panic

Of course, once the face recognition station on the air, the controversy will come. In recent years, under the background of the rapid popularization of the Internet and the continuous digital wave, the use of mobile phones and data information has become more frequent and cautious. As one of the important biological data and personal information, face will bring serious consequences to users and society if it is leaked or illegally used. Therefore, its importance has also aroused widespread concern and attention.

Experts say face recognition may pose significant risks in some areas. For example, in the field of news, face recognition can make false news pictures spread wildly and endanger social security through deep forgery; For another example, in the illegal field, face recognition can also be used to track others, impersonate others or steal private information, promoting illegal means and atmosphere. In a word, the more widely face recognition is used, the higher the security risks it brings.

At the same time, in the process of training, research and application of face recognition applications, enterprises will also collect a lot of human face data information, which are also major security risks. Once these data are used by enterprises for commercial self-interest or ignored, it may bring danger to users’ privacy, property, security, etc. At the same time, even if the enterprise does not use the data indiscriminately, if the data is attacked by hackers, stolen or security vulnerabilities, it will also bring immeasurable harm.

Technology without right or wrong, supervision against risk

In the face of the above “brush face” hidden danger, people are naturally panic. It is true that face brushing can bring more convenience to meet people’s daily application needs, but the threat to personal privacy and social security is bound to be far greater than the convenience value it brings. In the United States, due to security concerns and hidden dangers, many states have banned the application of face recognition, while China has reservations about this.

Although experts have said that the widespread application of face data will certainly have risks, there is no way to avoid network black production. But they also said that in many cases, human faces are public data. We can be seen when we walk on the street every day. If we can’t tell the security problems, we can’t show human faces to others. Therefore, the technology itself is not right or wrong. What we need to pay attention to is the strict supervision of technology application and users.

Since 2016, China has successively issued the “network security law of the people’s Republic of China”, “information security technology, personal information security specification” and other laws and regulations and management specifications, giving high attention to personal privacy and information. At the same time, some time ago, the first case of face recognition was successfully filed, which marks the continuous progress and maturity of the development of face recognition in China. In the future, with the gradual improvement of legislation and supervision, face recognition applications will eventually seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

Of course, for ordinary people, to establish a correct understanding of face recognition and develop a good sense of risk prevention and control is also an important topic in the era of face recognition. We can’t treat face recognition as a monster and ignore it, nor can we blindly “brush face” and suffer from it. As long as we face the development of face recognition, pay attention to protect their own face information and security, it will be an important means to boost the rapid development of face recognition.

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