Lexin technology recently released esp32-c2, which is a Wi Fi + Bluetooth chip with smaller area, stronger performance and cost benchmarking than esp8266. Esp8266 is a single Wi Fi chip released by Lexin in 2014, which has created a good story of detonating the Internet of things market at low cost. Over the past seven years, there have been many chips positioning “esp8266 killer” in the market. Lexin reissued the very low-cost esp32-c2 at the end of 2021, announcing the official admission of the real “terminator”.

Esp32-c2 integrated 2.4 GHz wi ­- FI and support long-distance Bluetooth 5 (LE), equipped with risc-v 32-bit single core processor, clock frequency up to 120 MHz, built-in 272 KB SRAM and 576 KB ROM, with 14 programmable GPIO pins, and support SPI, UART, I2C, GDMA and PWM.


Esp32-c2 function block diagram

Esp32-c2 is suitable for developing simple Internet of things applications, such as lighting devices (including bulbs, panels, switches, etc.), sensors and simple household appliances. The 272 KB SRAM of the chip can support Internet of things devices to use Bluetooth Le distribution network, and then connect to the cloud platform. With the help of Lexin’s one-stop aiot cloud platform ESP Rainmaker ®, Customers can use esp32-c2 to easily build their own products and accelerate the time to market. In the future, customers will also be able to enable matter support in products designed based on esp32-c2. Esp32-c2 follows the mature Internet of things development framework esp-idf of Lexin to facilitate ESP users to develop esp32-c2 applications based on familiar software architecture or quickly migrate the original programs to esp32-c2 platform.

Esp32-c2 also supports working in slave mode, and provides Wi Fi and Bluetooth Le connection for other master MCU through esp-at and ESP hosted SDK. This mode is especially suitable for the development of Internet of things devices based on master MCU and requiring basic wireless connection functions.

In order to meet the diversified project needs of users, Lexin plans to design multiple variants for esp32-c2 series chips, including both SIP flash version and external flash.

It is worth noting that while esp32-c2 was released, Lexin announced a new breakthrough in RF technology, and its chip RF module can achieve 1024-qam technical index. This means that Lexin’s self-developed Wi Fi 6 RF technology is mature and not far from marketization.

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