2020 is a year of 5g network. In this year, 5g equipment is rapidly popularized in the market, and 5g projects have sprung up. Most mainstream terminal equipment manufacturers and communication technology manufacturers have made a lot of money in the past year, and Ericsson is one of the representatives. According to the 2020 financial report data released by Ericsson, Ericsson’s net profit last year was SEK 17.6 billion, equivalent to RMB 13.5 billion, ten times that of 2019.

Ericsson is not only a European Communication giant, but also a global 5g overlord. Bao Yikang, President of Ericsson, said that the company has won 127 5g commercial contracts and is providing equipment support for 79 commercial 5g network operators at this stage. Although the 5g market is highly competitive and interfered by many factors, on the whole, technology and product power are the key to win users. Ericsson was able to obtain 127 orders, which is enough to show its strength.

In fact, in the early stage of 5g network construction, Ericsson’s orders were once overtaken by Nokia and ZTE. But after that, Ericsson began to make efforts. According to the relevant report released by Dell ‘orogroup, a well-known market research institution, Ericsson’s market share of 5g equipment began to increase significantly in the third quarter of 2020.

Ericsson won 127 5g orders worldwide

Although Ericsson’s market share of 5g equipment has not surpassed Huawei by the end of the third quarter of 2020, it is not difficult to find that it is only a matter of time for Ericsson to surpass Huawei by observing the trend of 5g equipment share of the two manufacturers.

There are two main reasons why Ericsson can get so many orders:

On the one hand, Ericsson has a large market to explore. Unlike ZTE and Huawei, Ericsson has not been treated unfairly in the global market. Most countries and regions are willing to accept Ericsson’s 5g equipment, and Ericsson has successfully participated in 5g network deployment in all initial markets on four continents.

On the other hand, Ericsson has technical advantages. The promoted dynamic spectrum sharing technology has won the GSMA Global Mobile Award in 2020. At present, the technology has been commercial in many countries and regions, and has achieved good results.

In addition, Ericsson also acts frequently in millimeter wave technology, constantly breaking through the limits of connection speed and coverage. In the 700MHz band known as “5g gold band”, Ericsson is even more ahead of others. Among the world’s top 14 700mhz5g networks put into commercial use, 11 of them use Ericsson equipment.

On the whole, Ericsson was able to win 127 5g business contracts because of its outstanding technology. With the continuous acceleration of 5g network construction, Ericsson actually has more room for improvement. Do you think Ericsson can keep the position of 5g first brother in the next year?

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