According to the recent announcement, Softbank has selected Ericsson to provide cloud native 5g core for Softbank’s 5g independent network. The solution reportedly includes Ericsson cloud packet core, Ericsson cloud unified data management and policy and Ericsson nfvi, which will play a key role in the operation transformation of Softbank.

These advanced 5g implementations show that industrial and enterprise iots are ready to use with 5g, but they are still very cautious in choosing partners: it seems that only the most mature enterprise providers have access to these high-profile partnerships. Perhaps the industry still has doubts about the short-term efficacy of this technology. Does no one want to be left out?

Ericsson cooperates with Softbank to develop and deploy 5g technology in the Japanese market

Ericsson’s dual-mode 5g core aims to develop new 5g use cases for mobile broadband users and enterprise and industry partners. Ericsson and Softbank have been cooperating to develop and deploy 5g technology throughout the Japanese market. In May 2019, Ericsson was selected as the main 5g radio access network (RAN) supplier of Softbank.

“Japan is the leading 5g telecom market. Together with Ericsson, we are building a new innovation platform for the country,” said Keiichi makizono, senior vice president of CIO of Softbank. “According to our new agreement, we will expand our long-term partnership and provide a high-quality, future oriented platform to bring a new wave of innovation to Japanese society.”

“Ericsson’s cloud native dual-mode 5g core provides a container based cutting-edge microservice architecture, which will help Softbank develop new business models for consumers, enterprises and industry partners and further improve network operation efficiency,” said Luca Orsini, head of Ericsson Japan.

Ericsson has signed 99 commercial 5g agreements or contracts with unique operators and supports 54 real-time 5g networks around the world.

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