Since 2019, the United States has continuously strengthened its control over Huawei and restricted its development from all angles.

Under the influence of the U.S. ban, Huawei’s smart phone business fell into the situation of 5g chip outage, and Huawei’s overseas 5g communication business was also frequently blocked. Meanwhile, Ericsson and Nokia, two old European telecom giants, expanded rapidly when Huawei was trapped.

Ericsson has been updating its 5g orders since 2020. It is also the first telecom equipment supplier with more than 100 orders in the world.

As of December 28, Ericsson’s official website shows that the company has signed 122 5g commercial contracts with global communication operators, of which 77 are commercial existing networks.

Ericsson becomes the first telecom equipment supplier with over 100 5g orders in the world

It can be seen that Huawei, whose 5g orders remain at 91, may have been completely surpassed by Ericsson in this respect. But that doesn’t mean Huawei has lost its edge in the global 5g market.

In mid December, a report released by Dell ‘Oro group, a market research organization, showed that although Huawei’s market share of 5g communication equipment declined the most, its market share still ranked first in the world.

In addition, Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, has recently found a breakthrough for 5g.

Recently, Ren Zhengfei and his party visited Shanxi Huayang Group and personally inspected the first 5g coal mine in China. Moreover, Ren Zhengfei went to Hunan Xianggang to visit the application sites of the smart crane and smart center of the five meter plate plant.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei has also signed a contract with the information center of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas to realize regional cooperation in agriculture and jointly promote rural modernization.

Thus, while Ericsson and Nokia “show off” the number of 5g orders, Ren Zhengfei has begun to focus on the industrial application of 5g.

Before that, Huawei’s rotating chairman once said: 5g network construction has officially come to an end, and Huawei has started the second stage goal – to give full play to 5g dividends and realize the implementation of 5g applications.

Compared with the competition of 5g order quantity, it is obvious that the goal of deeply cultivating 5g application market is more mature and long-term. Moreover, Huawei also relies on China’s strong internal circulation power, and the implementation and application of 5g technology can not only achieve the enterprise’s development goals, but also promote the in-depth development of China’s 5g industry.

In addition, in the face of US sanctions, Huawei has also made a counterattack. For example, after excluding Huawei from Australia, the latter will withdraw more than a $100 million of investment and cut the 2200 member team to 200.

All in all, Huawei’s advantage and voice in 5g are stronger than expected.

Are you optimistic about Huawei’s next development in 5g?

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