Among the newly launched mobile phones, which mobile phones have the best overall performance in the 2K price segment? There are quite a lot of new mobile phones on the market recently, but if you want to choose in the 2K price range, you have to mention the iQOO Neo5 SE. This mobile phone has just been launched, and it is still very popular online, and it has outstanding performance in performance, games, appearance, etc. It is recognized by many people as a true fragrant phone in the 2K price range!

Equipped with a good reputation chip, the performance is stronger

Whether the performance of the mobile phone is good or not can be known by looking at the chip it is equipped with. The chip on the iQOO Neo5 SE is Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. This chip is also the champion in the 2021 flagship chip word-of-mouth voting ranking list, which shows that its reputation is very good. The reason why Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 can stand out among many chips and win the word-of-mouth champion is that it not only has super performance strength, but also has relatively low power consumption, and it will not produce serious heat when outputting high performance. In addition, iQOO Neo5 SE is also equipped with an enhanced version of UFS 3.1, which also improves the overall performance of the phone and makes it run more smoothly.

Professional game performance, high screen quality

Only a powerful mobile phone can bring excellent game performance. Take iQOO Neo5 SE as an example, while it has powerful performance, it also adds surround-style stereo dual speakers and linear motors, and supports 4D Game Vibration 3.0, allowing users to gain a stronger sense of game immersion. At the same time, iQOO Neo5 SE is also adapted to the 120-frame mode of "Honor of Kings", and has obtained the KPL competition machine test certification, which can bring users a more excellent and professional high-frame gaming experience.

The high-quality screen is also a highlight of the iQOO Neo5 SE. It is equipped with an LCD screen that supports a high refresh rate of 144Hz. When users play games with a high frame rate, the visual effect is smoother, and they can also obtain better eye protection. Not only that, the screen of the phone also supports global DC dimming and night reading mode, so that heavy mobile phone users can also get a comfortable visual experience, even if the phone is used for a long time, the eyes will not feel particularly dry and painful. I have to say that iQOO Neo5 SE is indeed the best LCD flagship among mobile phone products at the same price!

Looks great, keeps the headphone jack

In terms of appearance design, iQOO Neo5 SE also does a very good job. It brings three color schemes, namely, the calm and restrained Mineral Shadow Blue color, the gorgeous and colorful Phantasmal color, and the pure and clean rock crystal white color. Among them, the rock crystal white color scheme gives people a very special feeling. The simple and white color gives the mobile phone a more noble temperament, and it has a feeling that the more it looks, the better it looks. The iQOO Neo5 SE also retains the headphone jack, allowing users to use wired headphones to listen to songs while charging.

In addition, iQOO Neo5 SE also supports 55W flash charging, which has a faster charging speed than many models of the same price, coupled with powerful performance strength and professional game performance, it can be called a 2K price range game machine. At present, iQOO Neo5 SE is on sale, and friends who want to change to a new phone can start it!

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