In the traditional industry, industrial connectors are often used. If the connector is placed in a harsh and humid environment, it will be corroded over a long period of time, which will lead to more adverse problems and affect the connection output of the connector. In serious cases, the connection pins in the socket of industrial connector will even rot completely, and the immersion of other objects and splashing of liquid are also unacceptable. This paper mainly explains four environmental factors that affect industrial connectors;

First point: vibration

Standard connectors react when exposed to extreme vibration. After one end of time, the connection between the plug and socket will gradually wear out, and the pin will sag at the connection point, reducing the reliability. Moreover, after this kind of wear, if exposed to steam environment, it will cause further corrosion.

Second, electromagnetic interference

Serious electromagnetic interference sources usually include production equipment near several channels, power channels, etc. The machine and electric path generate electric field, which can be coupled into the digital path, causing noise and destroying the integrity of digital signal.

Third point: extreme temperature

Today’s connectors can generally withstand a temperature difference of – 10-60 degrees, which is no problem for most office and general industrial environments. However, if placed in an extremely harsh temperature environment, the temperature beyond the range will lead to transmission errors and reliability problems.

Point 4: corrosive materials

Corrosive gases and liquids are often encountered in industrial environment. For example, oil, gas and chemicals can corrode the outer connector covers, metal pins of plugs and sockets, cable jackets, etc.

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