DJI Dajiang mini2 aerial UAV finally arrived as expected. The appearance of the fuselage has not changed, but it’s lighter, only 249 grams. It can also be folded and stored, so the aerial photos will no longer be restricted, and it is very convenient to carry. In the internal performance improvement of djimii2, the brand-new ocusync2.0 graph transfer technology is added. Compared with the early generation of Wi Fi image transmission, the anti-interference ability is stronger, and the stability has been greatly upgraded.

Moreover, the limit transmission distance has been increased to 10km, and the real-time image transmission in aerial photography is also very stable and reliable. It’s not easy to lose the signal. At the same time, the DJI mini2 aerial UAV has a level 5 wind resistance, which can also complete the shooting in slightly more complex weather. With a battery capacity of 5200mAh, it can fly for 31 minutes, so there is no problem in shooting creation. The key point is that as an entry-level aerial UAV, DJI mini2 carries a 1 / 2.3-inch sensor inside the camera. Although the effective pixel is still 12 million, it supports 4K / 30fps video recording capability. This is a huge improvement for the performance of the image quality, and the actual shooting combined with the mechanical three-axis stabilization system, stable and smooth high image quality can finally be shot at will.

Entry level aerial UAV, Dajiang Mini 2 aerial UAV achieves stable and smooth high image quality

Dajiang djini2 aerial UAV

Of course, it can also take raw format photos, the details and color will be better. When shooting video, 4x digital zoom is very convenient for scene composition. One click panoramic function can also shoot smooth wide-angle and many creative pictures. Including the effects of circling, skyrocketing, spiraling, receding and so on. It can even be combined with one click clip editing, adding transition and soundtrack, etc. The pre shooting and post-processing can be seamlessly linked, and the preview screen can be downloaded at any time on the mobile phone, which is really great. It is worth noting that the DJI mini2 aerial UAV still has no obstacle avoidance function, so photographers still have to choose a relatively open space when taking aerial photos. At present, the djinimi2 aerial UAV has been put on the shelves. The official price of the single djinimi2 is 2899 yuan, including spare blades, batteries and remote control. The price of the package version is 3799 yuan, with more accessories. The storage bag and charging housekeeper can meet the needs of daily shooting and creation. It is also one of the most suitable UAVs for novices.


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