In March 2012, Semtech, which has been famous for designing and providing high-performance circuit protection devices and other mixed signal chips for decades, acquired a French start-up company, cycleo, which developed an innovative LFM spread spectrum technology, and combined this technology with its own innovation in the fields of RF and power management chips, We have developed Lora chip platforms and solutions for gateways and terminals, and embarked on the road of making use of Lora chip to create a new era for the global Internet of things industry.

Within a few years since the launch of Lora chip, Lora has not only begun to play an important role in meter, smart building, logistics and asset tracking, smart Park and other markets with long distance, low power consumption and high flexibility, but also realized the serialization and systematization of SEMATECH’s Lora chip. In 2015, with the establishment of the Lora alliance, the lorawan protocol launched by the alliance ensures the interconnection of certified devices and brings greater development space for the Internet of things industry.

Today, Semtech integrates these IOT solutions of serialization, systematization and standardization into its Lora core products. It represents the essential function of Semtech Lora devices, which is to realize long-distance, low-power and end-to-end communication in sub GHz band. Currently, Lora core product portfolio consists of transceiver chip, gateway chip and reference design, including sx126x series, sx127x series and llcc68 transceiver chip, sx130x series gateway chip, existing gateway reference design and new Lora corecell gateway reference design.

Lora core is driving many vertical industries, including utilities, agriculture, healthcare, factory automation and urban services. The application of Lora core products in the Internet of things can simplify the operation process and greatly save time and cost for enterprises and municipal departments. In China, China novel coronavirus pneumonia has already formed the “self organized, safe and controllable” application characteristics. In addition to all kinds of Internet of things applications, it has made contributions to the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It also used the fact standard of LoRaWAN and other IOT to help Chinese technology enterprises export products and services to all parts of the world. LoRa Core products have been used in the world.

Lora core provides building blocks for lorawan networks deployed around the world. It is self-evident that Lora core technology, which has been widely adopted, and lorawan protocol, which is applied in low-power Wan, have achieved success. At present, 148 network operators in more than 99 countries have adopted these technologies, and their number is growing; By the end of 2020, there will be more than 180 million Lora IOT terminal nodes connected in the world.

Key advantages of IOT application based on Lora core

The combination of Lora core and SEMATECH’s Lora basics software building module enables sensors to connect to lorawan network, so as to realize real-time data communication and analysis. Lorawan network has the advantages of easy deployment, easy expansion and cost saving, making it the preferred connection mode for IOT solutions.

This combination enables this type of network to safely connect thousands or hundreds of thousands of sensor devices receiving and sending data with lower cost and longer coverage. Compared with cellular network, Bluetooth or Wi Fi, it can significantly extend the service life of the battery in the device.

Application scenarios of Lora core

This proven technology of Lora has accumulated hundreds of well-known application scenarios, including smart city, smart home and building, smart community, smart agriculture, supply chain management, asset tracking and many other fields. Here are some examples:

Smart meter – remote access to usage data, thus replacing manual operation. Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) can help water, gas, electricity and other public utilities users and municipal departments improve efficiency and accelerate the pace of sustainable development.

Asset tracking – wireless tracking of fleets, cattle, and any other valuable asset over a long distance and with low power consumption, as well as automatic anomaly detection, geofencing, and alarm functions.

Temperature and humidity detection – monitors the critical values of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, food cold chain and workplaces, and receives notification when the field values exceed preset thresholds.

Leak detection – connected sensors can immediately detect an undetected leak and send a notification, providing actionable information for quick response and problem resolution.

Precision irrigation – a plug and play soil moisture sensor deployed in large areas of farmland can provide accurate soil condition data to implement optimized irrigation plan, thus reducing water consumption and increasing yield.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control, including automatic temperature detection, social distance monitoring, contact tracing and facilities health monitoring, will help ensure workplace safety.

Go to the future with Lora core

Semtech’s founding principle is to provide advanced technology with social and environmental benefits, which is now fully reflected. Some IOT applications that take full advantage of Lora devices and lorawan protocol are helping our planet to solve some of its biggest challenges, such as energy management, natural resource reduction, pollution control and infrastructure efficiency.

Semtech will continue to develop and launch innovative technologies for its Lora core portfolio. For example, the latest technologies improve network functionality, ease congestion, and make geolocation tracking more affordable.

Semtech released the baseband processor sx1303 of Lora core gateway in January 2021, as well as the related Lora corecell gateway reference design supporting the “precise timestamp” function. It can make the gateway use “time difference of arrival (TDOA) to perform network geographic location function. Another example is the new Lora corecell gateway reference design (sx1302), which has the functions of “listening before speaking” and spectrum scanning.

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