Yesterday, with the successful conclusion of 5g / wired / wireless communication special session, Xilinx adapt – China Station officially came to an end.

In the past five weeks, Xilinx adapt – China station has held 40 lectures on 9 themes, covering industry, medical treatment, machine vision, professional audio and video and broadcasting, automobile and autonomous driving, developers, data centers and wired and wireless communication.

As an extension of Xilinx adapt 2021 online technology conference, Xilinx adapt – China station is specially tailored for China’s local market. Not only are all speeches and Q & A in Chinese, but also senior Xilinx and technical experts, as well as many Xilinx partners and customers are gathered.

With the sharing of the latest technical solutions, user cases, latest products and application practices, Xilinx hopes to help all users explore the value of adaptive computing and create their own application solutions.

Xilinx adapt – China Railway Station

During the event, Xilinx adapt – China Station welcomed thousands of visitors, and the online Q & A in each special event was also quite enthusiastic.

Here, we sincerely thank every audience for their continuous attention to Xilinx adapt – China station and their strong support for Xilinx. At present, all the speech videos of Xilinx adapt – China have been online, and the speech documents of most topics have been synchronized online, which have also been opened for download.

Click the picture below to enter the corresponding theme venue to view the playback

At present, new generation applications and workloads need to achieve higher performance with lower power consumption and cost. Traditional computer architecture alone is difficult to meet these application needs, especially when applications need to adapt to the booming AI technology. The platform provided by adaptive computing can build highly optimized solutions to meet the performance, power consumption and cost requirements of a new generation of workloads, and support extension from the edge to the cloud.

An article in science conservatively predicts that if we continue to store data at the current speed, by 2040, the amount of chips needed for flash memory to store data will exceed 100 times the global chip production capacity. This means that even if Moore’s law continues to develop at the previous speed, there is a widening gap between the computing demand and the technology expected to be provided by Moore’s law.

In order to meet the above needs, Xilinx is continuously providing the industry with an adaptive computing platform

In addition, driven by new workloads such as natural language processing, computing will grow exponentially, and the growing model will also drive the exponential growth of memory utilization. More importantly, the whole process involves not only data computing and storage, but also data migration.

With adaptive computing, the hardware will be adjusted and optimized for the application, rather than mapping the application to a predefined hardware architecture. With adaptive computing, the industry will gladly accept the concept of domain specific architecture and aspire to achieve overall application acceleration. Adaptive computing aims at the high efficiency and low cost of special hardware, which will bring high-performance computing power and open a new era of high efficiency. From home and workplace, automotive and industrial robots to medical and entertainment, adaptive computing drives innovation that changes all aspects and improves the connectivity between all these applications.

Now, Xilinx has a large number of customers, partners and developer users. From robotic surgery and gene sequencing to Mars probe and live broadcast of the Olympic Games, Xilinx adaptive platform is being used in a wide range of application fields, including applications based on Xilinx platform. All excellent technologies, solutions and applications based on adaptive platforms cannot be built without the cooperation of the whole ecosystem. Xilinx also continues to promote its own innovation to accelerate customer innovation and make bold ideas come true at an unimaginable speed.

In other words, we build an adaptive platform to help you build the future on this basis.

Xilinx adapt – China has come to a successful conclusion.

Thank you for your loving company over the past five weeks,We look forward to seeing you again at the next event.Let’s continue to work together,Work together to build a flexible and intelligent interconnected world.

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