Ride Monitoring Analytics Enables Safer, More Pleasant Driving Using a Single Camera

January 5, 2022 – emoTIon3D, one of the leading suppliers of camera-based automotive cockpit analysis software, and ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ON), a leader in smart power and intellisense technologies, released a Joint reference design for occupant monitoring system (DOMS). This unique design combines driver and occupant monitoring in a single camera, enabling multiple safety features and furthering the user experience. This enables automotive OEMs to deploy high-performance, low-cost next-generation cockpit imaging solutions that make driving safer and more enjoyable.

Based on emoTIon3D's CABIN EYE AI software stack and ON Semiconductor's award-winning 8.3-megapixel image sensor AR0820AT, this new DOMS solution not only replaces single-task driver monitoring black and white/infrared (mono/IR) cameras, but also employs a color/IR Cameras enable multiple use cases for safety and convenience.

Florian Seitner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of emoTIon3D, said: "With ON Semiconductor's expertise in image sensors and extensive automotive experience, we were able to build this innovative single-camera solution that complies with Euro NCAP and the 2019 General Safety Regulation (GSR). We Robust and versatile cockpit analytics software stack covering a wide range of DOMS applications will empower TIer 1 and OEMs to elevate the user driving experience to new levels and improve safety for all occupants. Our ultimate goal is to help achieve Vision Zero – on the road There were no fatalities or serious injuries in the traffic accident."

The high dynamic range of the AR0820AT image sensor easily handles challenging lighting conditions, and the high sensitivity enhances performance in extremely low light conditions, which is ideal for cabin applications. The high-resolution cameras also provide a comprehensive analysis of the cabin space with a wider field of view, allowing Tier 1 and OEMs to implement a variety of use cases.

Chris Adams, Vice President of ON Semiconductor's Automotive Perception Division, said: "We are excited to partner with a technology disruptor like emotion3D to enable more innovative cockpit solutions with our best-in-class AR0820AT. The next generation of DOMS not only helps drivers while driving Staying vigilant at all times also enables new use cases for occupant safety and convenience. This DOMS solution provides peace of mind for all occupants to enjoy a safer journey.”

emotion3D will be showcasing the reference design at CES 2022 (January 5-8, US time) in Las Vegas, USA.

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