ASRock Launches Chipset DeskMini B660 Series

ASRock, the world's leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and small form factor PCs, is proud to announce the DeskMini B660 series powered by the Intel ® B660 Chipset to pair with the latest 12th Generation Intel ® Core™ processors.

The DeskMini B660 series features a Gigabit Ethernet port and an M.2 Wi-Fi slot for wired and wireless networking. When it comes to ultra-compact PCs, the DeskMini B660 series is the perfect choice. ASRock has put together all the best specs you can imagine into this little monster, with a variety of accessories to suit your needs.

Emerson Named 2022 "Industrial Internet of Things Company of the Year"

Emerson (NYSE: EMR), a global technology and industrial software leader, has been named "Industrial Internet of Things Company of the Year" by the IoT Breakthrough Committee. The company has received this honor four of the past five years. In the 2022 selection, the IoT Breakthrough Award Organizing Committee received nearly 4,000 nominations. Emerson won the award for its technology and software innovations that help customers in key industries achieve safer, more efficient, and more sustainable operations. this title.

Emerson's Plantweb™ is the industry's digital ecosystem integrating a broad range of sensors, smart devices, industrial software and analytics. Emerson is also one of the largest companies in the world designing and delivering smart sensing devices.

"Emerson's advanced digital technologies, software and analytics capabilities have delivered measurable operational improvements to manufacturers over the years, and these technologies are now very focused on sustainability," said Mark Bulanda, executive president of Emerson's Automation Solutions business. "We're helping customers in power, energy, chemicals, life sciences, food and beverage and many more industries advance their sustainability goals in a practical and scalable way."

Microchip partners with Mersen

Electric vehicles and renewable energy systems require power management solutions that increase performance and cost efficiency while accelerating development time. To meet these requirements, Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP) today announced a collaboration with Mersen on its 150 kilovolt-ampere (kVA) three-phase silicon carbide power stack reference design. Mersen is a global provider of power management solutions for a wide range of industries including electric vehicles and energy storage.

Mersen's three-phase SiC power stack reference design provides system designers with a complete, compact, high-power SiC solution without the need for separate equipment procurement, testing, and certification. The power stack reference design includes Microchip's silicon carbide power modules and digital gate drivers and Mersen's busbars, fuses, capacitors and thermal management, optimized in a single high performance stack reference design.

Microchip combines in-house silicon carbide chip production with its low-inductance power packaging and digital gate drivers, enabling designers to create efficient, compact and reliable end products. These devices are paired with a comprehensive portfolio of microcontrollers (MCUs), analog and MCU peripherals, and communications, wireless and security technologies to provide system designers with proven total system solutions for a wide range of applications.

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