Via onlineIntelligent video vehicle networking system

Weisheng recently launched the Weisheng mobile360 M800 intelligent video on-board networking system, enabling fleet operators to quickly and easily add advanced collision warning and driver monitoring functions to large vehicles such as buses and trucks.

The via mobile360 M800 intelligent video on-board networking system includes a rugged and extremely lightweight system, a forward facing ADAS camera, an inward facing DMS camera and an optional ADAS display screen, which can be easily installed in the cockpit of various specifications. At the same time, it ensures that the camera head is installed in the best position to detect potential dangers on the road ahead, distracted driving, sleepiness, using mobile phones and smoking. The optional ADAS display screen can ensure that the driver can receive video and audio alerts in real time when the system detects that pedestrians and other vehicles enter the dangerous area in front of the vehicle body.

“Due to the size and weight of its body and the challenge of how to master safety under the busy traffic conditions, driving buses, trucks and other large vehicles has become one of the most stressful jobs in the world,” said Mr. Richard Brown, vice president of global marketing of via “Via mobile360 M800 intelligent video on-board networking system can add the latest intelligent video on-board networking function to their vehicles, so that commercial and public transport fleet operators can quickly and easily monitor the driver’s status and vehicle conditions, and truly ensure the driver’s safety.”

Emerson introduces modal noise reducer

Emerson introduces Fisher ™ Whispertube modal noise reducer is suitable for high noise gas or steam applications in all walks of life. The modal noise reducer is a full caliber equipment, which can provide 15 dB sound suppression and reduce the noise generated in the pipeline by upstream sources (such as control valves or other equipment). The noise reducer is installed at the downstream of such equipment to replace the short pipe of the pipeline, which will not generate additional pressure drop and will not affect the process flow.

The main applicable scenarios of modal noise reducers include those applications that change the upstream process flow through control valves, pressure reducing valves, pumps, compressors and other noise generating devices. Most of these devices must be installed on the pipe section without flow restriction downstream, and the modal noise reducer is particularly effective in such applications because it does not introduce such restriction.

Unlike other noise suppression solutions, modal noise reducers do not introduce obstacles in the pipeline, so they can be used in applications with suspended particles in the process fluid and / or applications requiring Pigging for cleaning and maintenance.

Bike will redlinefeed ™ Standardized market data portfolio expanded to Asia Pacific

Pico, a leading provider of mission critical technologies, software, data and analysis services for the financial market community, has achieved the early key expansion milestone of redline trading solutions (“redline”). With the high performance of this product, it recently acquired a trading and market data software provider in January 2022. The addition of standardized market data for Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) extends redline’s global coverage beyond the US and European markets.

“Redline has simplified the access to liquidity through highly optimized software, thus enhancing the trading capacity of customers. We are pleased to start our expansion to the Asia Pacific region by accessing standardized SSE and SZSE market data. These are the first of many new markets Pico plans to add to expand redline,” said mark skalabrin, President of redline. “Further integrating redline into Pico’s comprehensive world-class technology and service ecosystem will complement and transform existing ideas and provide customers with greater value and services.”

This service can be provided in the escrow facility of Pico in the escrow service data center of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx). Pico provides market data of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen stock exchange through piconettm for receiving and using in global regions. Pico will provide customized managed infrastructure solutions, including infrastructure procurement, connectivity, market data and hosting, all supported by field engineering and data center management expertise.

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