The elliptic equation strategic smart city brand aecity and digital construction product CIM engine 3.0 were launched in Shenzhen, officially sounding the horn of smart city digital construction.

The state attaches great importance to it and local governments actively promote it

Smart city is an advanced stage of human social development. Smart city construction can effectively promote urban sustainable development. Through the construction of smart city, the core competitiveness of the city can be comprehensively improved. In recent years, in order to promote the healthy and orderly development of China’s new smart city, the central and local governments have successively issued a series of policy initiatives and strategic deployment to optimize the development environment.

The development of smart city not only benefits from the high attention of the national level, but also depends on the promotion of the local level. In April this year, the national development and Reform Commission proposed to implement the “new smart city action”, which requires to improve the urban digital management platform and perception system, integrate multi domain information systems and data resources, deepen the “one network” of government services and the “one network unified management” of urban operation, so as to support the healthy and efficient operation of the city and the rapid and intelligent response to emergencies.

Elliptic equation actively responds to policy and market demand, and devotes itself to the construction of a new smart city for four years. With years of experience in the development and construction of urban data platform and full independent research and development, the elliptic equation team officially launched the strategic smart city brand aecity and the digital construction product CIM engine 3.0.

Build an open ecology and help urban development

In recent years, smart city construction has cost a lot of money, but it has not cured the “urban disease”. In the process of smart city construction and development, we often encounter the challenges of “more data and less effect”, “stronger single point and weaker overall situation” and “less new landing of science and technology”. The elliptic equation reconstructs the smart city through data, and provides professional multi-source heterogeneous data processing at the data level with aecity as the carrier and integrated CIM engine as the support Integrate and support data application services in common format to provide basic, integrated and reliable bottom support for the construction of smart city. Aecity CIM engine effectively reduces the technical threshold of application in the field of smart city construction, helps the government and enterprises shorten the construction cycle and improve the efficiency of business data flow. Under the framework of the elliptical aecity open platform, the construction industry has ushered in a new opportunity for the development of urban production and life. Industry partners can work together to build an interconnected ecology. Aecity provides city managers, enterprises and residents with a new set of comprehensive solutions for smart city operation. As the “connector” between industry partners and urban users, the aecity open platform provided by elliptic equation is committed to solving the problem of data “intelligent empowerment” in various fields of urban operation, and contributing to the realization of efficient urban operation and a better life for residents.

Elliptic equation aecity open platform

Elliptic CIM engine is a digital enabling tool based on GIS + BIM + IOT to map real physical urban spatial model and urban information in virtual space. Based on urban database, knowledge base and index system, relying on data analysis and artificial intelligence, it can realize the digitization, visualization and intelligence of urban operation and management, and finally meet the business needs of urban public services, economic formats, social activities, management and law enforcement.

Elliptic equation accelerates digital construction through three functions

Elliptic equation CIM engine 3.0 reconstructs digital construction and empowers urban wisdom

From the perspective of urban management and operation, elliptic equation focuses on the construction field and redefines the construction industry with digitization. AECITY? The open platform data enables “urban governance”, “people’s livelihood services”, “industrial economy” and “ecological livability”, covering the fields of public safety, emergency management, intelligent transportation and urban management. It is people-oriented and drives the sustainable development and efficient operation of the city.

Three functions to accelerate digital construction

Through the deep fusion of multi-source heterogeneous data, elliptic equation provides the perception, presentation and cooperation of urban “holographic space-time” data. CIM engine takes data as the driving force and relies on three functional modules to provide intelligent dynamic response of the whole stack of AI and realize global insight into all elements and multi states of the city.

1) Basic data processing function

Compatible with mainstream GIS, BIM, IOT manufacturers and users, structured (such as 2D data, 3D data, CAD data, GIS data, BIM data, LIDAR point cloud data, metadata, sensor data, JSON, etc.) and unstructured (such as non spatial data, grid data, office documents, text, pictures, XML, HTML, various reports, images, audio / video information, etc.) file data Realize multi-source heterogeneous data integration and high integration of cross industry and cross business data.

2) Digital analog deep fusion function

Provide editor interfaces such as BIM, GIS, IOT, AR / VR, BD and iView to interconnect and deeply integrate 2D / 3D models such as GIS and BIM with IOT equipment information, industry process and business data, and realize the effect of “spatio-temporal data hologram” through the interaction between subsystems.

3) Data AI application function

Provide mainstream AI algorithms to simulate, extend and expand people’s perception and intelligence, and open three service modules: data warehouse, data AI application and data sharing, so as to realize and surpass people’s learning, reasoning, thinking and planning ability (such as prediction, diagnosis, control, decision-making, etc.) through powerful data, algorithm, computing power, implementation and sharing. Four applications to interpret artificial intelligence scenarios

In the construction field, especially in the whole life cycle of building planning, design, construction and operation and maintenance, all parties involved in the industry pay special attention to the performance level of equipment / facilities / systems, the energy efficiency level of electromechanical systems, the quality of indoor and outdoor artificial environment, etc. Aecity CIM engine of elliptic equation provides effective solutions to the pain points and urgent needs of the industry, and supports four artificial intelligence application scenarios.

1) Load forecasting application

According to the operation characteristics, natural conditions, social influence and other factors of the system, the load data at a specific time in the future can be determined under the condition of meeting certain accuracy requirements. The load can be used in power, air conditioning, transportation, etc. For example, based on the historical data of outdoor weather and indoor buildings, the load of central air conditioning system and other electromechanical systems is predicted to realize the intervention of system operation in advance. Guide users to switch on and off the chiller reasonably, and carry out group control and optimization of the chiller. They can participate in the power spot market in the form of demand side response to realize the economic operation of the system, and their energy-saving potential is between 10% ~ 20%.

2) Fault diagnosis application

The process of using various inspection and test methods to find out whether there is fault in the system and equipment is fault diagnosis. The process of further determining the approximate location of the fault is fault location. The data analysis and spatial location functions of aecity CIM engine can effectively realize fault diagnosis and rapid location, and its energy-saving potential is between 20% ~ 30%.

3) Feng Shui linkage application

Through decentralized control and centralized management, the overall coordination and optimization of the coupling control of water system and air system in the central air conditioning system are realized. In the centralized management platform workstation, through local fuzzy control and global fuzzy rule optimization iteration. It can effectively coordinate and optimize the coupling control of water system and air system in the station air conditioning system as a whole, and improve the energy efficiency indexes such as cop of the overall air conditioning system according to the methods of air conditioning system load prediction, system optimization, fuzzy control, temperature reset and variable flow control. Aecity CIM engine can realize the interconnection, interworking and interaction between various subsystems (such as data acquisition, data analysis and output decision-making), its energy-saving potential is between 10% ~ 20%.

4) Air distribution application

Through reasonable arrangement of air supply and return outlets, the purified and heat and humidity treated air can evenly eliminate indoor waste heat and humidity in the process of diffusion and mixing, so as to form a relatively uniform and stable temperature, humidity, air velocity and cleanliness in the working area, so as to meet the requirements of production process and human comfort. Aecity CIM engine The simulation analysis of flow field and temperature field can effectively improve the pue energy efficiency index of the data center on the premise of ensuring high-quality artificial environment, and its energy-saving potential is between 10% ~ 20%.

Under the dual wave of new smart city and “new infrastructure”, the elliptic equation aecity CIM engine came into being. The unitary information collection and processing is transformed into diversified intelligent analysis and dynamic response. Digital twin and digital construction no longer simply stay at the level of data collection and reality, but intelligently and organically connect data and space with the production and life of urban residents. Elliptic equation aecity CIM engine will play an important role in the field of data empowerment and digital construction in the future urban planning, especially under the trend of comprehensive application of new technologies such as refined urban model, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data analysis and cloud platform.

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