DFRobot Robotic Kits and Boson Starter Kits are ideal for educators, students and novice electronics hobbyists.

Shanghai, China, June 7, 2021 – element14, Avnet’s global distributor of electronic components products and solutions, has further expanded its DFRobot lineup of educational equipment. DF Robot’s easy-to-use open-source software and hardware tools are designed to drive the cultivation of future innovative talents through the introduction and development of electronic project design.

Customers can now purchase more than 140 products from DFRobot through element14, including a range of robotic kits and the popular micro:bit Boson starter kit, which won a 5-star award at the UK’s 2018 Teach Primary Resource Awards:

  • Robotic Kits: This series of kits educates users about robotics and programming by simulating real equipment and applications. The Max:Bot is an entry-level programmable DIY robot complete with motors, speakers, and sensors that can be used to teach younger students to build robots through direct programming and remote control. McQueen Mechanical Kits allow students to easily assemble robotic bulldozers and loaders that can be used to perform real-world tasks such as loading objects and sorting goods, helping to improve hands-on skills and learn about functional machinery. The Light Hunter Soldering Kit and the Bug Robot Hexapod Edition are more suitable for advanced student enthusiasts, allowing them not only to learn electronic component soldering skills, but also allow them to understand the most basic circuit development and programming knowledge to achieve intelligent motion and Obstacle avoidance function.
  • Boson Kits: Based on a set of easy-to-use modular plug-and-play electronic building blocks, this series of kits includes tutorials, course materials, and free coding software for easy integration of micro:bit and Arduino. The micro:bit Boson starter kit is designed to teach novice users coding and electronics through acousto-optic sensor applications. The Boson Inventor Kit is an ideal tool for teaching STEM classrooms, breaking down complex circuits into simple functional modules that help students better understand them. No coding and soldering required, this kit comes with 12 activity cards that can be used with LEGO bricks to build interactive electronic projects. The Boson Science Kit is a set of digital science exploration tools for young scientists to build hands-on projects. The kit contains 8 scientific sensors widely used in modern Internet of Things (IoT) applications to help them explore the fields of physics, chemistry and biology.

Romain Soreau, Global SBC Business Unit Director at Farnell and element14, said: “DFRobot is a world-leading innovator developing easy-to-use hardware and software tools for STEM education. The DFRobot family of educational kits provides students with a variety of practical tools to Empowering them to learn new technologies through highly creative collaborative development. This new range of products is an important addition to element14’s extensive array of educational offerings and will inspire a new generation of engineers to innovate.”

element14 now stocks a large and diverse range of educational equipment that can be supplied in bulk to classes, schools and multi-school groups. In addition, element14 has established partnerships with various educational organizations and government agencies to promote the adoption of STEM learning solutions in classroom teaching. element14 can also provide equipment and supporting support services for large-scale custom projects.

Customers can now purchase the DFRobot range through Farnell (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Newark (North America) and element14 (Asia Pacific).


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