Shanghai elabi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as elabi) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Mobile Core Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as mobile core communication) to provide OTA upgrade technical support for mobile core communication’s chip products and reach a strategic partnership.

The number of connections of Nb IOT in China has exceeded 140 million, bursting with strong vitality. As the leader of Nb IOT IOT chips, mobile communication has successfully developed and mass produced two NB IOT chips ec616 and ec616s. With its characteristics of “low cost, low power consumption, high performance, high reliability and wide voltage”, it has been highly recognized by the top 20 module manufacturers and customers.

Signing site (left: mobile core communication Yang Yueqi, right: elabi intelligent Wan Xuejing)

The strategic cooperation between mobile core communication and elabi can enable chip performance to maintain comparative advantages in all dimensions, increase the ability of continuous iteration, effectively respond to the emerging demand changes, function updates, computing power iteration and diversified industrial applications in the Internet of things industry, and provide terminal equipment manufacturers with more differentiated and competitive chip products. Over the past year, both parties have successfully applied OTA and ec616 / ec616s to many modules, water and gas meters and other industries, promoting the rapid iteration and intelligent process of Nb IOT technology in various industries.

In 2021, the cellular Internet of things market will maintain rapid growth, and this year’s foreshadowing will affect the development pattern in the next 3 ~ 5 years. According to the latest data of Market Research Institute counterpoint IOT, the number of global Internet of things cellular connections will exceed 5 billion in 2025, of which NB IOT will contribute nearly half. It is widely believed in the industry that Nb IOT technology will have huge market prospects in water / electricity / gas / heat meter, emergency / fire / smoke detection, intelligent door lock, anti-theft / positioning, environmental monitoring and intelligent agriculture.

Wan Xuejing, general manager of eiraby’s Internet of things division, said: OTA and communication chips have always been symbiotic. OTA needs communication chips to realize the end cloud integrated upgrade system. Communication chips can better accelerate the innovation and efficient iterative process of industrial applications with the help of Ota. Elabi has provided standardized chip level OTA solutions since mobile communication ec616. Over the past year, the two sides have worked together to serve many module manufacturers and industry users. As a strategic partner of mobile core communication, Araby has worked together to build a complete machine level openfota solution for the industry around the appropriate industry needs such as NB IOT, which can not only upgrade the communication chip, but also help end customers upgrade the MCU / MPU of the complete machine. With professional OTA products and services, elabi has established a win-win ecosystem of software and hardware cooperation with many chip manufacturers at home and abroad. With the addition of mobile core communication, dozens of MCU manufacturers in this ecosystem will be able to build OTA solutions with mobile core chips, making the whole OTA implementation as simple as building blocks.

Yang Yueqi, vice president of Shanghai mobile core communication, said: as a leading cellular Internet of things chip enterprise in the world, mobile core communication has successfully developed and mass produced ultra-low power NB IOT chip ec616 and ultra-high integration NB IOT chip ec616s. Through strategic cooperation with elabi, we provide stable and safe wireless upgrade OTA technology and services for customers in the fragmented Internet of things industry, Meet the needs of end customers such as software upgrade and system iteration.

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