With the rapid development of Internet of things, RFID technology has been gradually popularized, more and more applied to daily life, to bring convenience to people’s life. Today, we will take you to learn about eight RFID applications: (actually, there is a ninth application at the end of the article)

Eight popular applications of RFID

Popular applications

1. Food safety

In the world, how to effectively track and trace food has become an extremely urgent global issue. In order to ensure food safety, many countries have incorporated Food Traceability Technology into relevant laws, and applied RFID technology in the field of food traceability.

For example, in the Shanghai World Expo, the organizers used the “World Expo food logistics RFID monitoring and traceability system” to control vegetables, aquatic products, livestock and poultry, milk, eggs, bread and cakes and other foods. When the food enters the park, the law enforcement personnel can quickly trace the source of food and raw materials on site through the handheld office terminal mobile device, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the supply channel( At the same time, it will store the information of breeding enterprises or production units, product name, place of origin, production date, shelf life, storage conditions, etc., so that the product packaging and RFID tags can enter the catering, retail or logistics terminals with the goods transaction, so as to ensure the traceability of food and raw materials.

2. Entrance guard security

For the security industry, RFID technology is mature and stable. It is used as information attached to the card of access control system for identity identification and authority management.

RFID access control security system application of electronic tags, can be a card multi-purpose, such as work permit, pass, parking permit, hotel accommodation permit. The use of electronic tags can quickly and effectively identify personnel, simplify the entry and exit procedures, and improve work efficiency. When people enter or leave, the system will automatically identify themselves and give an alarm when they break in illegally. Where the security level is high, fingerprint, palmprint or facial features can be stored in the electronic tag in combination with other identification methods.

3. Footwear retail

With the increasing penetration of RFID tags in the retail industry, RFID technology is gradually introduced into the clothing industry and applied in the whole management system. In recent years, the penetration rate has been growing rapidly. Some data show that at the end of 2016, the global chain retail industry, which mainly focuses on clothing, had a demand for more than 5 billion RFID tags. For example, Decathlon, Zara, UNIQLO and Hailan home have implemented RFID projects.

4. Animal tracking

RFID technology can also be applied to animal tracking management. The electronic label encapsulated in small glass can be planted under the skin of animals, which can identify livestock, monitor animal health status and other important information, and provide a reliable technical means for modern management of pasture. In large farms, RFID technology can be used to establish breeding files and vaccination files, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient and automatic management of livestock and provide guarantee for food safety.

Popular application

5. Managing ancient trees

Because it is difficult to manage ancient trees, some cities in China began to introduce RFID technology to manage ancient trees. The SCN anti-counterfeiting traceability label developed by smart link can be mainly used to establish an independent electronic file for each ancient tree, so that it has a unique code like an ID card and cannot be forged.

“One tree, one core and one yard” can accurately trace and query the tree species, age, longitude and latitude of each ancient tree. Managers can read the ancient tree information stored in the chip through the handheld device, and the historical information such as watering, fertilizing, getting sick and dispensing can be seen at a glance. It greatly improves the maintenance efficiency of ancient trees.

6. Intelligent fish culture

Recently, Anhui Province issued the provincial local standard of “operating procedures for electronic label implantation of grass carp cultured in mountain spring water”, which stipulates the terms and definitions, preparation before implantation and implantation requirements of electronic label implantation of grass carp cultured in mountain spring water, covering the contents of temporary culture, disinfection methods and label injection of fish species.

Label is the “ID card” of goods. With the help of electronic label, it can realize real-time monitoring of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, transportation, warehousing, distribution, shelving, final sales and even return processing of grass carp breeding in mountain spring and flowing water.

7. Human implanted RFID chip

Up to now, the probability of meeting a person with RFID chip in his hand is very small in China, but it is not new abroad.

Amal graafstra, an amateur biohacker from Seattle, implanted a wireless chip under his skin. With these chips, Amal graafstra can enter the room, log in to the computer and start the motorcycle without any tools.

8. RFID anti theft schoolbag

In recent years, RFID theft occurs from time to time, through the electronic reader to steal information and then re copy, and then steal the credit card.

With more and more RFID theft, there is a kind of RFID anti-theft schoolbag on the market, which has built-in RFID information anti-theft partition layer, which can effectively protect the information security of ID card, passport, bank card and other items.

9. This is probably one of the RFID applications you want most – anti counterfeiting mall

In the future, if there is such a mall,

All commodities in the mall are equipped with RFID anti-counterfeiting labels to ensure the official authenticity.

The products can be traced and the quality is guaranteed.

Commodity prices are the lowest in the whole network.

There is no need for businesses to manage stores.

Will you be interested in such a mall without fakes?

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