Mohamed shaker, Egypt’s minister of electricity and renewable energy, said that Egypt’s Ministry of electricity and renewable energy is formulating a new plan to develop a smart grid to support the digital transformation strategy adopted by the government, and some Chinese enterprises have applied to participate in the development plan of the industry.

Shaker said Chinese companies’ proposals include innovative solutions in the field of communications and information technology to build a strong, flexible and secure power grid.


Egypt's Ministry of electricity and renewable energy is planning to develop a smart grid with digital transformation

On the recommendation of the national payment Council, the Ministry adopts a unified digital system to collect electricity charges in order to digitize all public services. According to shaker, 415 toll centers affiliated to eehc have been automated.

As a result, electricity bills will be provided through all banking outlets (branches or ATMs) and online banking.

The Egyptian power transmission company (EETC) has signed a contract with Siemens to provide the first digital power transformer for the Egyptian market, which is expected to improve the reliability and operational efficiency of Kafr El Sheikh and Zagazig 500 / 220 kV substations in the Delta region, shaker said.

At present, the power sector is committed to improving and developing transmission and distribution networks, including high-voltage substations and control centers. Strengthen the construction of the State Grid to absorb more renewable energy power generation projects, reduce power loss of the grid, and promote power interconnection with neighboring countries.

Shaker said the power sector is implementing reform policies to start the digital energy transformation process, achieve power security and sustainability, and improve energy efficiency. The new policy will also pave the way for the private sector to invest in traditional and renewable energy as well as various areas of intelligent networks, and improve the transparency and management capacity of the sector.

        Source; Cable network

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