In the evening, I received the development board. I opened it and found that the package really had the style of a big factory. There was a big bee. My girl saw it and thought it was a little bee toy, so she almost put it in place.

I quickly grabbed it and told him it was my father’s toy, so I had a chance to open it and see what was inside

Not only the circuit board is provided, but also two USB cables are attached. The important thing is this business card, which tells me how to start trying this novel thing.

Let’s start with some detailed photos

There is a 128×128 LCD, rich peripheral interfaces and segger emulator. It’s perfect.

Power on to see the effect

The little green light is on. What’s more surprising is that there is a picture of little bee game on the LCD. I played it several times and it’s very smooth. My girl has to play it. She can’t let children fall into the game and affect their study.

Author: Ji Yong

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