It is reported that Shanghai Kelun Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Kelun Electronics”) has signed a listing guidance agreement with China Merchants Securities on January 15, and filed with Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau on the same day. It is planned to be listed on the science and innovation board.

Established in 2010, Gallen electronics is an integrated circuit design solution provider, providing high-end integrated circuit design, interface development and other services for semiconductor process development and integrated circuit design. It owns spice modeling tool bsimproplus, low-frequency noise test system, spice simulator and other products.

At present, the main product lines of Galen electronics are divided into three categories: the modeling, analysis and verification platform in the field of integrated circuit manufacturing EDA (Electronic Design Automation), the fast circuit simulation, yield and reliability design and verification platform in the field of integrated circuit design EDA, and the electrical characteristic test system of high-end semiconductor devices.

In the whole EDA process of IC design and manufacturing, device modeling and circuit simulation are the key core technologies. Based on core EDA technology and based on creating innovative process development / circuit design collaborative optimization EDA solutions and industry-leading memory EDA solutions, Gallen electronics promotes the deep and efficient linkage between IC process development and chip /ip design, speeds up the rapid iteration of chip design and manufacturing, and improves the performance and yield of chip products.

Baoyouchen, an analyst at Guohai Securities, believes in the research report that EDA tool software is mainly used for VLSI design. It is located at the top of the chip industry chain and is a highly dependent design tool. EDA plays a very important role in chip design. Chip design has many, fine and complex links, and is highly dependent on EDA software. Under Moore’s law, the complexity and integration of chips are rapidly improved, and the requirements of chip design for EDA tools are continuously improved.

At the end of 2019, Gallen electronics acquired Beijing Boda Micro Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Boda micro”) and held 80% of its shares. It is reported that this M & A will further enhance the global leadership of Galen electronics in semiconductor modeling and testing by using the AI driven testing and modeling technology pioneered by Boda micro industry, create the world’s first innovative EDA solution integrating data-driven testing, modeling, database building, simulation and verification, promote the in-depth linkage between IC design and manufacturing, and enhance industrial competitiveness.

On april2,2020, Gallen Electronics announced that it had completed the round a financing of hundreds of millions of yuan, which was jointly invested by Xingcheng capital and Intel Capital. It is reported that this round of financing will help Galen electronics develop rapidly. While actively strengthening its global layout, it will further develop EDA products and solutions for China’s semiconductor industry, accelerate the in-depth linkage between IC design and manufacturing, and enhance its industrial strength.

According to the information on the filing of Kelun e-tutoring, klprotech is its largest shareholder, holding 23.47% shares; The actual controller of the company is liuzhihong, the founder and chairman of the board, who directly holds 17.94% of the shares of Kulun electronics, and exercises the voting rights of about 6.20% of its shares by signing the unanimous action agreement with Gongqing city fenglun investment partnership (limited partnership).

Liuzhihong graduated from the University of Hong Kong and the University of California, Berkeley. He was the president and CEO of celetry design technology, Inc., a world-famous EDA company, the global vice president of cadence design systems, Inc., and the chairman of Proplus design solutions, Inc.

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