The progress of the industry is inseparable from the needs of consumers. In the Internet age, consumers have more and more functional requirements for terminal electronic products. Not only is the traditional electronics industry booming, but also a large number of emerging industries, such as artificial Smart, smart home, smart wear, etc., it can be said that the electronics industry is an important field for the future development of the world.

When it comes to electronic products, semiconductor chips, electronic components and PCBs are inseparable. As the basic carrier of most electronic products, the PCB industry has become more and more important.

For chip designers, EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools can quickly and effectively model and abstract basic information, helping designers focus more on upper-layer and system design. As long as the designer has perfected the circuit function design, he can realize an electronic system design with higher cost performance and more matching performance through EDA tools.

As the first link in the field of chip design, EDA has an important position in the entire integrated circuit industry chain, but EDA is a major shortcoming of my country's integrated circuits.

At present, a variety of EDA design and simulation tools emerge in an endless stream at home and abroad. Of course, each tool has its own characteristics, corresponding to different industry fields, each with its own merits. For electronic design engineers, choosing the right tool can often do more with less.

Emergence of EasyEDA

At present, the EDA design tools used by domestic electronic engineers are mainly foreign design tools. Obviously, the domestic EDA market has been highly monopolized. In fact, as early as 2014, an EDA tool specially developed for Chinese people's usage habits – EasyEDA has been born in China.

However, in the original EDA market environment, the foreign market is more suitable for the experience of new products than the domestic market. It is gratifying that during the years of experience abroad, EasyEDA has millions of foreign engineer users with its strength.

The number of users is the biggest affirmation of the product. The product is affirmed, and the R&D personnel are more courageous. After laying a good foundation overseas, in March 2017, EasyEDA reached an agreement with the domestic electronic component self-operated mall Lichuang Mall to do domestic The Chinese version of the EDA tool, that is, Lichuang EDA, and for domestic users, a permanent free service!

So that domestic users do not need to face the high copyright fees of foreign EDA design tools, and no longer need to endure the risks caused by piracy, so that domestic users can use it with peace of mind!

So what efforts have been made from EasyEDA to Lichuang EDA domestic circuit design software?

l In addition to continuing the fine tradition of efficient and innovative EasyEDA, LiChuang EDA adopts the full Chinese style.

l Instant EDA has strengthened the import and export function, and supports the import of AlTIum Designer files (ASCII format) and the export of AD format.

l New KiCAD import support

l The function of DXF import is improved, and the import speed and generation quality are optimized than before.

l Added package manager, which supports batch modification of packages and checks the current package status.

l In addition to the previous library files, Litron EDA has added a new Litron patch parts library, which can facilitate the selection of materials for users who use Litron's patch service and make circuit development more efficient.

l Added local auto-routing function. Since the server is used for online auto-routing, when there are a lot of users, it is necessary to queue up and the server is busy. In order to solve this problem, the production team specially developed a local auto-routing plug-in.

l Added layout transfer function.

l One-stop design to manufacturing, from design to production, can be completed in LiChuang EDA.

l The private deployment version of the enterprise has been added. The private version can be completely disconnected from the network, and a server can be built by itself to meet the needs of local development and confidentiality.

l Added simulation function.

l An educational version has been added, which is specially tailored for teachers, replacing traditional teaching and making efficient teaching easier.

l Added an open source platform, advocating open source sharing of projects and learning together.

Although the domestic independent EDA design tool industry started late, it is believed that with the emergence of Lichuang EDA, with the continuous development of the industry in the future, due to the influence of service support, price advantages and other factors, the domestic EDA design tool industry will definitely make a difference.

We should continue to maintain the awareness and belief of supporting domestic production, and actively participate in and promote the application and popularization of domestic EDA tools to help the rapid development and improvement of domestic EDA design tools.

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