Ecovacs sweeping and dragging robot wins CES 2022 Innovation Award

Recently, the list of CES 2022 Innovation Awards was officially announced. Ecovacs' all-around sweeping and dragging robot DEEBOT X1 OMNI has completed revolutionary technological upgrades in multiple dimensions such as functionality, intelligence, and interactivity, unlocking the intelligent life experience for users and opening a new era of innovation. In the era of home service robot 3.0, it successfully won the CES 2022 Innovation Award.

It is understood that the CES Innovation Award is known as the "Nobel Prize" and the vane of the consumer technology industry, and the final winning products often represent the "frontier technology" in the field of consumer technology. The comprehensive breakthrough in intelligence and interactivity was highly praised, saying that "there is no product on the market that can match it".

Won the CES 2022 Innovation Award, once again demonstrating Ecovacs' leading comprehensive strength and strong brand influence in the field of service robots. As a leading brand of service robots, Ecovacs insists on taking users as the core, focusing on user needs and quality life. Carrying out technological innovation, its long-term achievements in advanced research in the fields of sensors, AI algorithms, human-computer interaction and other cutting-edge technologies have not only allowed users to enjoy the ultimate product advanced experience, but also led the service robot industry towards intelligent development. new future.

YUNEEC announces expansion of public safety solutions

Recently, YUNEEC (Santa Clara, CA) and FoxFury Lighting Solutions (Waterfront, CA) are pleased to announce an expanded partnership to add the Payload Delivery System© and D100 Spotlight solution to the H520E for First Responders.

"We have begun selling the Payload Delivery System© and D100 solutions to their value-added resellers, public safety and first responder entities in the US with great results," said Phil Mann, General Manager, ATL Americas | Yunek.

The H520E hexacopter provides optimum stability in wind speeds up to 45 mph and is able to withstand the loss of the motors and accomplish its mission. Combined with a practical plug-and-play payload, the H520E offers a 1-inch SONY sensor camera, FLIR® Boson thermal imaging camera, and up to 30x optical cameras. "With FoxFury's tools, we can now add first aid or communication delivery during the day or night," Mann said.

The LLVM compiler community officially joined the LoongArch independent instruction system

Recently, the LLVM compiler community has officially incorporated the initial support for the Loongson LoongArch autonomous instruction system, and has listed the LoongArch top-level directory in the main source code library. So far, the LoongArch instruction system has become the same as X86, ARM and other instructions in the LLVM compiler community. System juxtaposed command system.

With the mission of "making Godson for the people", Godson Zhongke always adheres to the scientific research concept of independent research and development, and promotes the spirit of "going to the end" in the field of chip design. , launched a completely independent design of the LoongArch command system, and successfully passed the evaluation of domestic third-party intellectual property institutions.

In the future, Loongson Zhongke will maintain good interaction with LLVM compiler community development enthusiasts, absorb valuable suggestions from professional developers, further improve the LoongArch instruction system ecosystem, accelerate the establishment of LoongArch branches in the upstream community, and achieve international community support except for X86, Chinese LoongArch instruction system other than ARM and other instruction systems.

This article is comprehensively compiled from Ecovacs Yuneec Godson Zhongke
Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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