Shanghai, China, April 26, 2022 – Ecomme, a global distributor of electronic components products and solutions under Avril, exclusively released the white paper “smart sensors – building an intelligent Internet of things” to support electronic design engineers in the development of Internet of things projects. The white paper deeply discusses the development of sensor technology and shows how these cutting-edge technology trends will promote the development of animal networking to make new breakthroughs.

Sensors are the key to the ground deployment of IOT applications. With its new chemical and spectral technologies, sensors enable IOT systems to see, hear and even sense the surrounding environment. More and more applications use sensors to collect raw data in real time, and then analyze the data to obtain the required insight. Recently, sensors have become more intelligent. They not only have more advanced functions, but also can be easily integrated into the Internet of things and quickly provide useful information.

Farnell and cliff ortmeyer, global technology marketing director of elomeng, said: “There are a large number of sensors on the market that can be used to build systems based on the Internet of things technology, and the available modes are far more than temperature and pressure sensors, but also include other diverse sensors, which can realize the functions of vision, hearing and smell for the Internet of things. Therefore, for many electronic design engineers engaged in the development of Internet of things systems and applications, it is undoubtedly important to understand the sensor technology. E-alliance is continuously committed to Engineers provide comprehensive support at all stages of the design process, including free professional knowledge such as white papers, to help them solve design problems and master the latest trends and technologies in the industry. “

This white paper not only introduces different sensor choices, but also analyzes several factors that engineers should consider when selecting sensors and integrating them into the design of the Internet of things. The main trends that engineers need to focus on include:

·Focus on low power design

·Connecting sensors using wireless networks

·Configure security features

·Adopt data fusion technology to provide better analysis function

Ortmeyer added: “With the development of sensing technology and the increasing number of connection options, it is more difficult for electronic engineers to make correct design decisions. By connecting multiple data sources in the surrounding environment network, engineers will be able to detect changes around the system faster and more accurately. This requires engineers to understand the interaction between sensors, their data processing capabilities and security functions, so that they can make more informed choices in design To achieve perfect integration between sensors and other devices. “

In addition, e-alliance also provides nearly one million product inventories from more than 2000 leading manufacturers around the world, which can be delivered quickly. At the same time, the local customer service team and internal technical experts of e-alliance will also provide necessary support for customers at all stages of the whole design process.

Click here to download for free the exclusive white paper “smart sensors – building a smart Internet of things” of elomeng.

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