The dismantling device I will show you today is the Samsung Galaxy S22+, which has been released for a while, so I don’t need to introduce it more. If you like it, you have already started it, so let’s go directly to the dismantling today!


The method and steps of disassembling the phone are almost the same, mainly pay attention to the details. It is still the first to turn off the S22+, take out the card tray, and there is a silicone ring on the card tray. Heat the surrounding of the back cover with a heat gun, and then slowly open the back cover with suction cups and picks. There are white adhesive strips around the back cover for fixing.

The back cover is very light and thin, and there is no large area of ​​foam. Only the rear camera cover and the flash cover are fixed on the back cover by glue. The front of the cover is also affixed with foam to protect the lens.

Next, disassemble the motherboard cover and speaker, and remove the fixing screws to remove it. The metal motherboard cover is attached with a wireless charging & NFC coil and an ultra-wideband antenna, and a large-area graphite sheet is attached below it, which can dissipate heat. The bottom speaker is integrated with the vibrator in one module.

Then remove the main board, the sub board, the front and rear camera modules, the main and sub boards are connected to the soft board, and the main board is connected to the screen soft board. Among them, a graphite sheet is pasted on the front camera to dissipate heat; a positioning hole and a positioning column are fixed to each other on the rear camera bracket. The USB interface of the sub-board is also covered with a silicone ring for waterproofing.

The battery is still fixed by roll-on glue, which is easy to disassemble. Then remove the keys, key soft board and top speaker. There is a waterproof silicone ring on the front of the soft key board, and a plastic support frame on the back.

After the final heating with the heating table, slowly separate the screen. The back of the screen is full of copper foil, and the front of the inner support is affixed with a large-area graphite sheet. Below the graphite sheet is the liquid cooling tube. After tearing off the graphite sheet, remove the liquid cooling tube to complete the disassembly.

Dismantling summary

At this point, the disassembly of the Samsung Galaxy S22+ is complete. The whole S22+ is fixed with 2 kinds of screws, a total of 23 screws. The interior is a relatively common three-segment structure. The SIM card tray, the USB interface and the button soft board are covered with silicone rings, which can naturally play a certain role in waterproof and dustproof. At the bottom, the speaker and the vibrator are integrated into one module; the heat dissipation method mainly adopts the method of thermal conductive silicone grease + graphite sheet + liquid cooling tube to dissipate heat, but the area of ​​the liquid cooling tube is still relatively small. On the whole, the difficulty of dismantling is medium, there is strong reducibility, and the internal structure is quite satisfactory. What’s more special is that it should have an ultra-wideband antenna and an IP68 waterproof rating.

Reviewing Editor Huang Haoyu

The main board of the S22+ still adopts a stacked structure. In the next issue, we will take a look at the distribution of chips on the main board and the stacked small boards, as well as the manufacturer information of the main module components of the whole machine, which is worth looking forward to!

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