Customers can now purchase CTS series leading sensing, connection and mobile technology products through e-alliance, which can be delivered quickly

Shanghai, China, February 15, 2022 – e-league, a global distributor of electronic components and solutions of anfuli, has added a series of professional products from CTS, a leading designer and manufacturer of switches and timing devices, and further expanded its electromechanical and passive product lineup.

CTS is committed to producing high-quality sensors, actuators and electronic components, which are suitable for aerospace and national defense, industry, medical treatment, telecommunications and transportation. Its dip switches, timing products and potentiometers are widely used in the design of electric guitars and other musical instruments.

E. CTS selected products from Luomeng include:

The 218 series half pitch SMD dip switches feature a unique compact design for micro applications as well as it servers, set-top boxes, modems, security and HVAC systems. Its optional sealing structure version is optimized for circuit board cleaning during automatic welding and can now be purchased through e-alliance.

291 series high-precision and long-life 12mm optical encoder can provide high reliable and high-precision digital output, which can realize a wide range of design applications. It adopts non-contact design, which can ensure longer rotation life, and has optional instantaneous switch. Optical encoders are suitable for industrial, medical, communication, laboratory, automotive, security, audio and infotainment applications.

Cb3lv low-voltage clock oscillator is a low-cost, low-voltage clock oscillator that supports HCMOS output. Cb3lv adopts the latest integrated circuit technology and has excellent stability and low phase jitter performance. It is an ideal solution for many frequency control products.

Model 416 subminiature surface mount crystal oscillator adopts high-Q quartz resonator. It is an ideal solution for commercial and industrial applications such as notebook computers, computer peripherals, wearable devices and handheld electronic devices. It also features a sealed ceramic surface mount package with a frequency range of 24-96 MHz and an operating temperature range of – 40 ° C to + 105 ° C.

Simon Meadmore, product director of Farnell and e-league global interconnection, passive and electromechanical (IP & E), said, “We are pleased to introduce a range of products from CTS, the world’s leading manufacturer, and look forward to long-term and stable cooperation with CTS. The new CTS products enable us to provide more fully integrated low-cost switching and timing solutions for design engineers. At the same time, this new distribution agreement will also enable our customers to quickly obtain first-class low-cost solutions from e-league Case. We expect strong demand for CTS innovative component solutions. “

Mingchin yen, vice president of CTS electronic components, said, “anfuli is our global high-volume distribution partner. We are very excited about the new cooperation with e-league. The collaborative support and services between the two will make it easy for a wider customer base to buy our leading products and technologies.”

Design engineers can now purchase a more comprehensive combination of interconnection, passive and electromechanical products through e-alliance. Customers can also access online resources, data sheets, application instructions, videos and webinars of e-league website for free, and get technical support 5 days a week and 8 hours a day.

Customers can purchase CTS selected products through Farnell (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and e-league (Asia Pacific), which can be delivered quickly.

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