Electronic paper display (EPD) has three technical characteristics: bistable, reflective and flexible, so it has many performance, such as ultra-low power consumption, paper like feeling, visible in the sun, constant light and zero power consumption, eye protection without blue light, light and thin, ultra wide viewing angle and so on. With the development of Internet of things, electronic paper is widely used in various scenes and fields from centimeter to meter.

E-paper market will exceed 70 billion US dollars in five years

As one of the main display terminals of e-paper technology, ESL integrates online retail, offline physical retail, big data, warehousing / logistics, multiple payment and other functions, greatly improving the operation efficiency and reducing the operation cost. Therefore, it has become the most common intelligent display terminal in the new retail development trend. According to the data of runto, in 2016, in the Chinese market, the shipment volume of electronic price tags was 2 million pieces. In only three years, the shipment scale has reached 12 million pieces in 2019.

The application of electronic label covers more formats. Besides the application of electronic label in new retail stores, fresh supermarkets, supermarket hypermarkets, traditional chain supermarkets, boutique stores, convenience stores, jewelry stores, beauty shops, home life stores, 3C electronic stores, the application of electronic label (EL) also penetrates in conference rooms, warehouses, pharmacies, factories and other formats. On the whole, the utilization rate of retail format is the highest. According to the survey data of runto, in 2019, the proportion of electronic labels in the retail sector is as high as 85%, and the proportion of intelligent office is 5%. There are penetration applications in other fields, and the market share is about 10%. In 2019, the application field of electronic label (EL) will be distributed. The cultivation of users in the retail market is mature, and the intelligent solutions are gradually expanding in other application scenarios. In smart medicine, electronic paper display has been used in bedside card, medicine box label, personal blood sugar machine, information card and first visit list.

In the field of transportation, there are more than 30 pilot cities in China. As a landmark demonstration city, Shanghai has installed nearly 5000 electronic tags. 2020 Affected by the outbreak of cowid-19 in, the original goal of full coverage should be moved backward.

In terms of more detailed applications, electronic tags are gradually replacing traditional tags in the fields of luggage tags, industrial smart cards, logistics information cards and other products.

In 2025, the global e-paper market will exceed 70 billion US dollars. In order to achieve full color gamut display effect, e-ink, the e-paper supplier, has released color e-paper technology, which will achieve large-scale mass production in the past two years.

Based on the application of color e-paper technology, e-reader, the traditional product of e-paper, will face another surge in demand, especially in the United States, China, Europe and other major economies. The habit of online browsing and digital reading is becoming popular, and will become the main market of e-paper. At the same time, benefiting from the deployment of global 5g, big data and Internet of things, runto predicts that in the next five years, the compound growth rate of global e-paper display terminal market will be $5.4%, and it will exceed $70 billion in 2025.

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