E Luomeng joins Ni’s authorized distributor network and becomes Ni’s global distribution partner to meet customers’ growing needs for testing and measurement applications.

Shanghai, China, January 19, 2021 – e-league, a global distributor of electronic components products and solutions of anfuli, announced that it had signed a global authorized distribution agreement with Ni (NASDAQ: nati) to further expand its product supply scope and provide Ni software definition testing and measurement solutions for customers of all sizes. Ni is a leading manufacturer of automated test systems for production and validation test applications. The new Ni series leading test products will enable engineers to perform test tasks faster, more accurately and more efficiently, thus freeing up more time to focus on the test work requiring manual import. As the first distribution partner of Ni in the world to provide direct sales and technical support services, elomeng is currently able to provide the richest and most complete test product line in the high-quality service distribution market.

Farnell and James McGregor, head of global testing and tools at e-league, said: “We are very pleased that Ni has chosen elomeng as its global distribution partner and look forward to our long-term and stable cooperation. Elomeng has a strong global distribution network and has accumulated rich professional knowledge in the distribution of testing and measuring equipment. At the same time, it also has a broad customer base and technical support team, which can fully meet all the testing application needs of customers. Ni is a global testing product One of the leading manufacturers. This agreement will help us provide customers with the best customized tools and systems, and further enrich our market-leading test and measurement product series. Elomeng is committed to providing customers around the world with the best test systems and equipment, and the new Ni series products enable engineers to test more safely, accurately and efficiently 。”

Engineers and enterprises have been facing the problem of launching higher performance and more efficient products in a shorter time. To this end, they expect faster and more efficient access to key automated test and measurement equipment that can meet their unique technical, financial, service and geographical needs. Together with Ni, e-alliance can provide engineers and enterprises with greater flexibility, faster speed and stronger support, so as to help them meet the needs of customers and business development.

“We are committed to providing customers with appropriate technologies and services to help them accelerate innovation and development and better serve their enterprises and end customers,” said Jim Ramsey, vice president of Ni global partnership program. “Cooperation with e-league will help us further expand new markets and facilitate us to provide more engineers with the tools and technologies needed to meet the major opportunities in the future.”

Customers can now purchase Ni series solutions through Farnell (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Newark (North America) and elomeng (Asia Pacific).

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