The global survey of e-alliance shows that low-cost single board computers have been widely used in all stages from concept verification, prototype design to test equipment and mass production, covering the whole process.

Shanghai, China, September 6, 2021 – e-league, a global distributor of electronic components and solutions of anfuli, released the latest market research. The survey results show that the low-cost single board computer (SBC) has become an important building block of new product R & D and the whole production process, and industry and the Internet of things are the main application fields of single board computers. About 50% of the professional engineers interviewed use single board computers for industrial and Internet of things application development.

Raspberry Pi is the most popular single board computer, and 44% of the surveyed professionals choose raspberry PI. It was followed by Arduino (28%) and beagleboard (6%). These market leading single board computers can simplify the new product development process and accelerate the speed of product launch, which will help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) respond to market trends faster. The survey also found that compared with other single board computer users, raspberry PI users have the highest viscosity and the lowest possibility of switching to other single board computers.

The survey also shows that single board computer has been widely used in all stages of product development and production process. 23% of the respondents used a single board computer for concept verification, and 35% of the respondents used it for prototype design; 22% of the respondents used low-cost single board computers in product production, and about 20% of the products produced at least 5000 units per year, and another 20% of the respondents used single board computers for test equipment development and testing.

The global research project was conducted from March to may 2021, with the participation of 1500 board computer solution users, including professional engineers, designers and makers. Three quarters of the respondents (75%) were professionals and only one quarter were amateurs or makers (25%). The purpose of this survey is to deeply understand the application of popular single board computers from many leading manufacturers in professional product and project research and development.

Other major findings include:

  • The number of users using raspberry PI and Arduino in makers is similar, which shows that engineers like to use their familiar development boards both in personal development projects and at work.
  • Shortening the time to market is one of the main goals of professionals, and ease of use and familiarity are the most important factors for them to choose a single board computer.
  • Only 20% of engineers use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in their single board computer application development.
  • High performance AI and larger memory are the most common requirements for improving single board computers.
  • Touch screen is the most popular accessory product at present. Cameras and kits for improving the power supply performance of batteries or solar panels are also popular.
  • Professionals are more likely to use custom development boards than makers.

Farnell and Romain soreau, director of the board computing Department of e-alliance, said: “This survey clearly shows the wide application of single board computers in commercial, Internet of things and industrial environments. High performance, versatility, rich functions and accessories, low cost and large and active user base are the reasons why raspberry PI and ardunio are very popular, providing an ideal platform for engineers to realize the rapid development and deployment of various applications. Single board computers are used in prototype design The machine will help engineers greatly reduce computing costs and quickly realize the launch of new products. “

As a global distributor, elomeng can quickly provide customers with a variety of easy-to-use products for professional applications, including major single board computer platforms and toolkits from world leading brands, such as raspberry PI, ardunio (potenta H7), Intel (NUC Series), industrial shields, etc. In addition, customers can also get technical support services 5 days a week and 8 hours a day, and can access the e-league website and practical online resources in the engineering and maker community e-league community free of charge.

E-league is the distributor partner with the longest cooperation time of raspberry PI foundation, and its sales volume of raspberry PI development board has exceeded 15 million units. E Luomeng now stocks a full range of raspberry PI single board computers, including the latest raspberry PI Pico, which can provide support for users to build household, professional, teaching or commercial application devices. At the same time, e-league also provides a diversified accessory ecosystem, including shell, power supply, micro HDMI cable and raspberry PI high-resolution camera.

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