These awards are intended to recognize the outstanding achievements of the community members of elomeng

Shanghai, China, Feb. 23, 2022 – Ecomme, a global distributor of electronic components products and solutions under Avril, announced the winners of its 2021 Community Award. This year, e-alliance has set up a number of awards for outstanding innovators, designers and engineers to recognize the extraordinary achievements of members of the global community. This year’s community award also established two awards for the first time, namely “star member of the year” (5) and “new member of the year” (10).

Dianne kibbey, global director of elomeng community and social media, said, “elomeng community has more than 800000 community members around the world. We are very grateful to each community member for their contributions in the past year. We are shocked by the various projects, designs, ideas, videos and evaluation content they share. For this reason, more awards are set up for this year’s community awards.”

E the winners of the 2021 Community Award of Luomeng are as follows:

Star members of the year – Jan cumps, don bertke, Doug Wong, shabaz Yousef and frank Milburn actively participated in e-league community activities in 2021 and made great contributions.

New members of 2021 – Gary Yohe, Scott STOBBE, Andrew Johnson, Sean D. Conway, Michael Zurek, Enrique Albertos ciervide, Steve K. kruglewlcz, navadeep Ganesh u, rushiraj jawale and raspberrypetechguy have not only made significant contributions to the community in 2021, but also demonstrated their maker potential.

The design challenger of the year – Enrique Albertos ciervide – Enrique Albertos ciervide designed an Internet of things device, venttracker, which can monitor the gas density in specific areas and control windows, providing a practical and effective method to combat the spread of novel coronavirus. Enrique Albertos ciervide won the “design for a cause” design challenge set award with venttracker.

Project14 best project of the year – use measurement amplifier and instrument control board to view noise – a measurement amplifier built by shabaz Yousef and an instrument control board designed by Andrew Johnson are excellent designs for noise measurement, both of which are rated as the best project14 project of the year 2021.

The annual best video project of elomeng presentations – DIY Star Trek recorder – this award was voted by elomeng community members, and the DIY Star Trek recorder produced by James Lewis finally won this award. This interesting Star Trek themed video is also an award-winning project of the 2021 “blind box component manufacturing” challenge.

The most popular road test products in 2021 – Rohde & Schwarz ngu401 source measurement unit, Digilent 1×1 USB software defined radio platform and raspberry PI Pico. The award was voted by the members of e-league community from many products that participated in the road test in 2021. The above three products ranked first, second and third respectively.

Road test takers in 2021 – a number of winners – many excellent road test projects have emerged this year. Therefore, a number of awards have been set up, including student road test takers in 2021, cutting-edge road test takers in 2021, emerging technology road test takers in 2021, and comprehensive road test takers in 2021.

Project14 decision makers, founders and influencers of 2021 – Frank Milburn, Jan cumps and Gary Yohe. E. members of Luomeng community play an indispensable role in project14 design challenge, including proposing and determining the theme of monthly activities. To this end, elomeng selected three community members to commend their outstanding performance in project selection, theme creativity and content publishing.

The best webinar in 2021 – FPGA summer activity – e-alliance holds many webinars and other training courses every year. The “FPGA summer activities” webinar discussed the FPGA introduction related knowledge and attracted the active participation and interaction of the seminar audience.

The annual Community Award is one of the many ways for e-league to recognize the achievements of its engineers and maker community members. It is also an affirmation of their positive impact on the community and the world through electronic design.

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